What Does /J Mean On TikTok? /J Meaning On Urban Dictionary Explained

What Does /J Mean On TikTok? /J Meaning On Urban Dictionary Explained

The question “What Does /J Mean On TikTok?” has been trending for some time; and, the answer may be simpler than you think.

Well, “/J” refers to ‘joking’. It is usually used to denote that a person is saying something as a joke. As per a tweet, “/J” is mostly used while texting. 

What Does /J Mean On TikTok?

/J means that a person is texting something as a joke. It is mostly used to find out about the sender’s emotion. Many things become a trend in TikTok and it is one of them. 

Other than TikTok, the “/J” trend is also used in other texting sites. Gen-Z is seen using this trend. 

Is /J Used On Twitter? 

/J is a popular term on Twitter. People have been using /J for many tweets. A Twitter user made a tweet for people to learn about the proper use of /J in tweets. He wanted people to know about the proper use as a Twitteratti’s mind cannot be read and it creates miscommunication at times.

Some other related words are /hj which means half-joking, /s which means sarcasm, /srs which means serious, and more. Some confused Twitter users can be seen asking about the trend, while most of them seem to know about it.


/J Meaning On Urban Dictionary

/J in the urban dictionary, means a tone indicator. /J is placed at the end of the message which shows that the thing said should not be taken seriously. It denotes that something is said in a joking manner.

The /J tag is used after a joke which is sent in a text. It helps to convey that the said thing is humorous, light, and not serious. 

As per the Urban Dictionary, it was created by neurodivergent who struggled to find the exact tone of the sent message. But, it is used by everyone nowadays. It is known that /J is used on many platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and texting platforms.

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