What Does Sneaky Link Mean On TikTok? Sneaky Meaning Explained

What Does Sneaky Link Mean On TikTok? Sneaky Meaning Explained

The latest viral slang on TikTok, Sneaky Link has taken everyone by curiosity. What is Sneaky Link’s meaning on TikTok?

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend the words that are used on TikToks and other social media platforms.

The origin of Slang is not discovered for most of the words. The meaning of words such as check, CEO of_, Day 1, and other words were discovered lately.

The meaning of the words on-air will be hard to reconcile if you are new to social media platforms.

So among the list, Sneaky Link is also one of the trending vocabs. So what does Sneaky Link refer to, let us find out?

What Does Sneaky Link Mean On TikTok?

As per hitc, Sneaky Link refers to hook up with someone without telling any people near your vicinity.

For instance, if you have a secret crush on someone, and maybe your crush wants to tie things up in private, then you are each other’s sneaky link.

Sneaky Meaning Explained

So now you have got the clue of Sneaky Link, let us discuss how these words came intact.

A song called sneaky link has aired on social media and other online portals. Follow this link to hear the full song.

As per collins’s dictionary, Sneaky refers to the person who acts secret and does things secretly.

Likewise, link indicates communication, relationship, association, and so on.

So if you are building a relationship with a person, under someone’s nose, then you might fall in the category of Sneaky Link.

As people are getting bored due to the current ongoing lockdown, maybe they are being sneaky to add some thrill into their lives.

Now it’s yours to be one of them or try finding someone who is involved in this act.

Sneaky Link Hashtag Videos

Sneaky Link hashtagged videos are booming online. Most of the peoples are using this song as their background in their TikTok videos.

However, most of the videos are focused on the same line of the song.

To get more insight, you can check the videos on the hashtagged on the same topic.

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