What Happened To Jillian Mele On Fox News? Everything On Her Rumored Husband And More

What Happened To Jillian Mele On Fox News? Everything On Her Rumored Husband And More

If you want to know what happened to Jillian Mele on Fox News, the journalist announced she will be leaving the news channel Fox News and Friends First on October 29, 2021. 

Jillian Mele is an American Journalist. She was working for the Fox Entertainment Group as the co-host on Fox & Friends First. However, the journalist announced she would be leaving the team as of now. 

The journalist started her journey with Fox & Friends First back in March 2017. She joined the program as co-anchor of Fox & Friends First. She later started serving as headlines reporter for Fox & Friends as well. 

Let us learn more about the journalist Jillian Mele and take a closer look at her rumored boyfriend Rob Schmitt. 

What Happened To Jillian Mele On Fox News?

To answer the question that has been trending on the internet, Jillian Mele is leaving Fox & Friends First according to her Wikipedia profile. 

She made the announcement of leaving the program on October 29, 2021, saying it was her last day at the program. 

However, it is still unclear if she is leaving Fox News entirely or just the program she has worked in for over four years as of now. 

Information about anything happening to Jillian on Fox News that might have supported her leaving the program has not come to the surface yet. 

She has not revealed anything about the reason for leaving Fox News as of now. She might be looking to step up in her career as a journalist but only time will confirm the hypothesis. 

Is Jillian Mele Dating Her Rumored Boyfriend Rob Schmitt?

Jillian Mele is rumored to be dating her co-anchor and boyfriend Bob Schmitt. 

However, this is only fan-made theory and we do not know for sure if the journalist is in a relationship at all. 

She has not revealed anything about her relationship status on the web yet but fans have made their assumptions. 

Upon looking at her social media posts we do not find any traces of her relationship or the evidence to support the rumors yet. 

Mele has been claimed to be single by various websites such as Glamor Fame as of now. But she has not revealed anything about her dating history on the web or to her fans and followers yet. 

Is Jillian Mele Married? Husband Explored

Jillian Mele is not married as of October 2021, hence, she does not have a husband. 

In fact, the journalist has not hinted anything about her marriage and when fans can expect her to tie her knots with her prince charm. 

She could not have time to think about getting married and starting her family as of now as Mele might be busy focusing on her career. 

Jillian has also not spoken anything about finding her prince charming or a shoulder to lay her head upon for the rest of her life as of now. 

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