NRL: What Happened To Rob Burrow? Illness And Health Condition -Details To Know

NRL: What Happened To Rob Burrow? Illness And Health Condition -Details To Know

Robert Burrow is facing a rare illness; sadly, his health condition is deteriorating day by day. His wife has been on his side all of his journeys. What happened to him?

Robert Geoffrey Burrow is an English former professional rugby league player who has been inducted into the rugby hall of fame.

He spent his whole professional career with Leeds as an England and Great Britain representative.

Burrow was renowned for many years as “the tiniest player in Super League,” being 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed less than 11 stone.

Burrow was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease on December 19, 2019, and his diagnosis was made public.

What Happened To Rob Burrow? Illness And Health Condition

Rob Burrow, diagnosed with MND(Motor neuron disease)  in December 2019 and is now confined to a wheelchair, able to speak solely through an eye-driven communication device, and is cared for full-time by his wife, has been diagnosed with MND.

MND is a rare disease that affects the brain and nerves. It results in weakness that worsens with time.

There is no cure for MND. However, there are therapies that can help lessen the effects it has on a person’s everyday life.

His father, Geoff, 70, found the medication AMX0035 and targets the harmful proteins that cause neurological disorders.

Rob Burrow Age And Net Worth Explored

Rob Burrow is 39 years old. He was born in Pontefract on September 26, 1982.

Rob Burrow is estimated to be worth between $1 and $4 million.

Halfback and hooker in rugby, he is well-known for his small stature and Super League achievements. As a member of the Leeds Rhinos, he earned his eighth Super League title and second Challenge Cup in 2015.

Rob Burrow was inducted into the Leeds Rhinos Hall of Fame for the sixteenth time in 2020.

Who Is Rob Burrow Wife Lindsey Burrow?

Rob Burrow is married to his wife, Lindsey Burrow.

Lindsey is doing her utmost best to help her husband during his sick times.

Lindsey is a miracle of good joy and unselfish devotion to her family, yet she says, “Birthdays and Christmas are difficult. She doesn’t know whether this is going to be her last Christmas with Rob.

Rob is grateful to Lindsay. He couldn’t thank her enough for all of the hardships she has gone through because of him.