Who Is Segun Oduolowu – What Happened To Him? Details To Know

Who Is Segun Oduolowu – What Happened To Him? Details To Know

Pheonix native Segun Oduolowu is an actor-poet who is the current host of PEOPLE The TV Show.

Segun Oduolowu is no stranger to Hollywood. Making his way through shows like Access Live and Today Show, the TV personality has become somewhat of an expert on the media.

He hosts a show called PEOPLE The TV Show, where he questions various personalities.

What Happened To Segun Oduolowu?

Segun Oduolowu is well is currently hosting a segment in PEOPLE and interviewing people.

His recent guest, brain cancer survivor Shauna Rae is making news of her impossible life. The almost four feet tall lady is a 22-year-old woman stuck in the body of a little girl.

Despite wanting to date, boys shy away from her appearance. Even her mother had her eyes welled up with teared up after hearing the thoughts of her daughter.

Her journey of self-love and acceptance is on its way to getting released through a TLC documentary called I Am Shauna Ray.

Segun Oduolowu Age And Wikipedia- Who Is He?

TV personality Segun Oduolowu is a man from Pheonix, Arizona.

Before joining the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, he had a budding basketball career at the University of Huston.

After getting a taste of winning, he spent the following years working on his degree in broadcast journalism and concentrating on current events.

Indeed, he is somewhat of an expert in pop culture, talking about an assortment of themes.

Does Segun Oduolowu Have A Wife Or Partner?

Segun Oduolowu is blissfully married to his wife, Aja Odulowu. The pair started going out long ago but tied the knot in November 2017.

The couple welcomed their adorable baby girl the following year. Before her arrival, he talked about traveling with his spouse everywhere.

But their plans have taken a back seat as their almost-three-year-old child rules their life.

You can follow him on his Instagram handle seguntheprogram and be part of his 5.5k followers.

What Is The Net Worth Of Segun Oduolowu?

As of 2022, the net worth of Segun Oduolowu is around 1 million dollars. He makes his living by working as an actor and a host.

According to his IMDb page has over 12 acting credits and six self-credits.

Besides, he started his acting career when he did a small role in Mind of Mencia in 2007. Since then, he appeared in shows like Enlisted, Redeemed, General Hospital, and Young & Hungry, to name a few.

The host made it big when he appeared in The Live and worked closely with FOX’s Wendy William Show. 

Indeed, his thoughts on the industry matter as he has guest-starred in CNN and BBC numerous times to give his two cents about the entertainment world.

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