What Happened To Tabitha Tuders? Was She Ever Found? Missing Girl Update In 2021

What Happened To Tabitha Tuders? Was She Ever Found? Missing Girl Update In 2021

What Happened To Tabitha Tuders? Tabitha Tuders is the girl who disappeared 18 years ago from a bus stand in Boscobel streets, Nashville. 

On April 29, 2003, after 7:30 am in the morning, a 13-year-old girl named Tabitha Tuders disappeared any she has gone long for 18 years now. 

Many investigations took place, and people did a lot to find out where she was, by nothing came ahead in the years, leaving the case wide open. 

While there are a few new details regarding drugs and prostitution, there is still no precise evidence regarding Tabitha. 

Hence, people seem a lot concerned regarding Tabitha’s current whereabouts, and they are eager to find out more about her. 

Indeed, concerns regarding what happened to her, what type of investigations are going on, and many other related matters are at their peak, even after these many years. 

What Happened To Tabitha Tuders? Was She Ever Found?

There is no exact information regarding what happened to Tabitha Tuders except for the fact that she disappeared. 

And No, She is not found yet, but the investigations regarding her case and new details are being properly looked at. 

About a year ago, there were cases that showed 8 prime suspects who might be responsible for her disappearance. 

We have not received any proper detail regarding who those suspects were.

But, it has already been a year, and no further detail is found regarding them. 

The police reported that she might have been taken by a few people for drugs and prostitution-related matters, but no evidence regarding this is available. 

She was just a young girl trying to go to school, but she never made it to the school, and neither to the bus stop where she usually got picked. 

Even after 18 years of her disappearance and investigations, there is no trace of Tabitha Tuders, and justice is not yet served. 

Well, a few narrow details were discovered, but nothing was major enough to find out the cause of her disappearance. 

Also, neither is she pronounced dead because there are no pieces of evidence to it either. 

Tabitha Tuders Parents And Family

Tabitha Tuders was born to and raised by her parents Bo and Debra Tuders until her disappearance. 

While there is not much information regarding those two and their life, we have information regarding their constant effort to find their daughter even after 18 years of her disappearance. 

They have said that their daughter is still out there somewhere, and their family won’t stop until they find her. 

Moreover, her parents have 3 kids together, Jamie and Kevin Tuders, who are an important part of Tabitha’s family. 

Tabitha Tuders Age And Photos

Tabitha Tuders’ current age will be around 31 years old. 

She disappeared 18 years ago when she was 13, so her current age would be 31. 

Regarding her photos, there are numerous sources on the be which provide information and pictures regarding Tabitha and her disappearance.