What Happened To Tom Felton On Ryder Cup 2021? Health Update On ‘Harry Porter’ Star

What Happened To Tom Felton On Ryder Cup 2021? Health Update On ‘Harry Porter’ Star

What Happened To Tom Felton? Here is everything you need to know about the actor who recently collapsed during a golf match. 

Tom Felton is an English actor and musical personality who is recognized for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter Movies. 

Tom started his career with commercials and slowly onto bigger screens where he got the role of the incredible character in the film adaptation of Harry Potter. 

Apart from the Harry Potter movie series, he has been a part of many other renowned Tv series and movies like The Flash, Origin Risen, and many others. 

Recently, with the news of him collapsing on a golf field, people are a lot concerned about the health matters of the actor. 

Indeed, matters regarding his health, wife, family and similar concerns are rising all over the web and are currently at their peak. 

What Happened To Tom Felton On Ryder Cup? His Health Condition Revealed

As mentioned, Tom Felton collapsed in the golf field on the On Ryder Cup. 

He was representing Europe at the celebrity golf exhibition where actors from the USA and UK were competing with each other. 

Here, he had reached the 18th hole where he suddenly fell over and collapsed. However, he woke up and walked to the stretcher which later took him to a hospital. 

Well, there was no news regarding any health issues he might have, before the event, and neither is there anything available yet after this incident. 

Many people are eager to find out more about his health, but it seems like we have to wait to get the more detailed information regarding what might have happened. 

Many people believe that it was something normal relating to excess sunlight or weakness, and they do not want to hear that he might be suffering from something serious. 

Tom Felton Age

The age of renowned actor Tom Felton is 34 years old. 

He was born on September 22, 1987, in Epsom, United Kingdom, and he celebrated his 34th birthday just 2 days ago, at the time of writing this article. 

Tom Felton Wife: Is He Married?

Actor Tom Felton is not married yet, so he surely does not have a wife. 

Also, there is currently no information about his girlfriend or partner either. 

However, it is not to say that Tom has never been in any relationship. As of what the public knows his first relationship was with singer Melissa Tamschick when he was just 17. 

Indeed, they dated for about 3 years, as per the rumors. After that relationship ended, he was together with Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin. 

Out of these all, his girlfriend of 7 years, the one who even starred in Harry Potter, Jade Olivia Gordon was the most famous one. 

Apart from his partners, there were also rumors of him having a secret baby. When asked if he really has a secret baby, he denied the accusation. 

Meet Tom Felton family

Tom Felton was born in a small family in Epsom, United Kingdom to his parents, Peter Felton and Sharon Anstey. 

Also, his parents had 3 other children than Tom: his siblings Jonathan Felton, Ashley Felton, and Chris Felton, who are the major part of his family.