What Illness Does Carol McGiffin Have? Everything About The Loose Women Star Host

What Illness Does Carol McGiffin Have? Everything About The Loose Women Star Host

61-year-old Loose Woman anchor Carol McGiffin got worried for her life after missing her cancer checkups for the pandemic.

Carol McGiffin shocked the world with cancer diagnosed in 2014. After feeling a lump on her breast, she found it was cancer.

The host got a mastectomy and went through six rounds of chemotherapy along with 15 sessions of radiotherapy.

Despite being cancer-free for so long, she still feels the illness may return one day.

What Illness Does Carol McGiffin Have? 

TV personality Carol McGiffingot was first diagnosed with cancer in 2014. Her breast cancer was a triple-negative tumor, meaning that it cannot get treated with just hormones.

After the pandemic rattled the world in 2020, all health institutions were closed unless necessary. Her regular checkups and cancer updates got put on a halt.

After five years of taking out the disease from its root, she followed her routine checkups religiously.

In her chat with Coleen Nolen, she couldn’t help but get emotional with worry.

Did Carol McGiffin Get A Facelift?

Uk woman Carol McGiffin got nervous whenever she looked at her reflections before getting a facelift.

As the lady has her career in front of the camera, she needs to look at the part. Combining her age and the residual stress from the cancer treatment, her face started to get saggy.

Indeed, she took out her pension purse and got a facelift in 2018. The procedure did wonders for her confidence as her face came to where it was supposed to be.

No wonder she looks so radiant even in her 60s.

Carol McGiffin Age And Wikipedia- Who Is She?

Television and radio host Carol McGiffin was born on 18th February 1960, making her 61 years old.

Growing up in London, England, she is the daughter of John and Heather Barham.

She was part of an enormous family with three siblings. They got their schooling from Kent, where she spent her early years.

The lady worked her way up from radio, featuring in Celebrity Big Brother.

Carol McGiffin Husband Or Partner 2022

Carol McGiffin, is blissfully married to her head Mark Cassidy. Like her, he is a TV presenter and DJ.

The couple proved that age is just a number as they have a difference of 30 years. The pair shares common ideas and opted out of having any children.

During her cancer battle, she described him to be her rock. After finding the lump in her holiday in Thailand, she immediately flew home to get it diagnosed.

All the while, her spouse was right beside her. 

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