What Is ‘Avocados From Mexico TikTok’ Trend? Memes Explained

What Is ‘Avocados From Mexico TikTok’ Trend? Memes Explained

The “Avocados from Mexico” TikTok trend and meme is quite annoying and funny trend going on..!

There has come a new trending subject in TikTok in the last few days. In this particular type of TikTok video, we see people making videos texting “Avocados from Mexico” to their friends with a funny song and music in the background.

So, What is the ‘Avocados From Mexico TikTok’ Trend actually, and what are the reasons behind this being viral? Continue to know everything related to it…

Quick Facts: What Is 'Avocados From Mexico TikTok' Trend? Memes Explained

Avocados From Mexico TikTok Trend: Memes Explained

What Is ‘Avocados From Mexico TikTok’ Trend? This meme and trend is basically a text prank. Since Avocados have always been a popular subject on the TikTok platform, someone took a Avocado From Mexico music and recorded the text prank.

So, what exactly happens in this prank is, you text someone on social media, ‘Avocados from Mexico’ with a picture of avocado and the Mexican flag after the respective words.

You keep on texting the same thing the whole time despite your friend’s responses.

You just keep on texting them the same “Avocado From Mexico” text with the same pictures till they are annoyed and stop responding.

Someone might even say about blocking you when they get excessively annoyed. It’s better to stop texting when that time comes.

So, you just record that annoyed reaction with the text prank and upload it on TikTik. That’s basically what this trend is.

What is the Background Meme Song?

The background song played on the video is none other than the music used on the Commercial video of Avocado From Mexico.

Even though the song has become a kind of meme, Avocado From Mexico is a piece of music originally used for the commercial ads by the official avocado company.

What is Avocados From Mexico Actually?

As I said already, the music was from the commercials, ‘Avocado From Mexico’ is an actual company based in Mexico. The company provides quality avocados and its dishes, all the way from Mexico directly to your home.

There are several commercial videos of the company on the web. The same music used on those commercials has been used on the TikTok text prank video.

There is no information about who started the trend and how it came to their’s mind though. But it has been spreading at a great speed through the TikTok community and now you can try doing it too.