What Is Baked Beans TikTok Trend? #beanbandits Craze And Beaning Meaning Explained

What Is Baked Beans TikTok Trend? #beanbandits Craze And Beaning Meaning Explained

A TikTok trend involving baked beans shows children buying beans and smearing them over people’s houses and cars.

TikTok is always bringing entertaining yet bizarre trends online.

In the past, we saw people trying to climb a staircase made out of milk crates, which got people to sustain some serious injuries. Then there were also other challenges like the scholarship challenge, cancel the noise challenge and more.

Now, another trend, Baked Beans, has caught people’s attention. The trend involves throwing beans over driveways and door handles and then uploading the videos on TikTok. 

What Is Baked Beans TikTok Trend?

Baked Beans is the latest trend that has gone viral online. The trend follows children purchasing baked cans and then smearing them on people’s homes, driveways, and vehicles.

Then, they share the video on their TikTok profiles. 

The trend, however, is not as entertaining as it sounds. The police have show worry over the ongoing trend and have issued a warning to local shops to beware of children buying tons of beans.

Police also requested parents to keep an eye on their cupboards. 

TikTok: #beanbandits & Beaning Meaning Explained 

The term ‘Beaning’ is a group of youth who has started the new baked beans trend on TikTok. 

These youths make a video of them throwing the contents of a can of beans on people’s properties and share them online using the #beanbandits, reported express.co.uk.

The hashtag #beanbandits has gained more than 1.7 million views on the video-sharing platform. 

It was just last month that the village of Wonersh became the target in the trend and police has to launch an appeal to stop it. The victims of the trend were not happy with the behavior. 

The West Yorkshire police officers have released a statement urging shopkeepers to keep an eye on children while selling large quantities of beans.

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