What Is Dua Saleh Gender? Everything On Sex Education Netflix cast

What Is Dua Saleh Gender? Everything On Sex Education Netflix cast

What is Sex Education star Dua Saleh’s gender? Actor Dua Saleh identifies themself as gay and non-binary gendered. 

Dua Saleh is a Sudanese Actor cast in Sex Education airing on Netflix.

The Augsburg College graduate does have experience as a youth organizer, scholar, musician, etc. 

Sex Education: What Is Dua Saleh Gender?

Sex Education star Dua Saleh’s gender is gay and non-binary, as stated on several web sources.

The gender non-conforming artist makes her first debut in the acting platform with the drama Sex Education.

According to the Them site, Dua came out as nonbinary while in her college sophomore.

They also said that they had always been on gay stuff.

It is also found that Saleh’s mother learned about Dua’s increasing queerness when the actor became the Vice President of the high school Gay-Straight Alliance.

We also discovered that whenever Dua watches any anime, reads manga, and digs into films, the actor tries to seek out her identity as per Vice.

They seek out East African directors, trans and black characters on such entertaining platforms.

Dua Saleh Pronouns

Dua Saleh uses they/them as pronouns for identification.

That’s not all; Saleh uses he/him/his too and has been referring to herself with the neopronouns like xe/xyr/xim.

The actor feels that those pronouns are gender-neutral, which are used for both male and female gendered people.

How Old Is Dua Saleh? Height Explored

Dua Saleh’s age is 26 years old.

The actor and musician Dua was born in Sudan but had to travel from city to city because of the civil war.

About Saleh’s height, they appear quite tall if looked from the virtual pictures.

In a guess, they seem to be above 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Dua Saleh Partner: Is She Dating Or Married?  

We are clueless about Dua Saleh’s partner for now.

However, the singer writes and sings beautiful art pieces relating to love, such as Umbrellar. 

They sang this song as an ode to their’s ex-girlfriend.

Umbrellar was about having a romantic involvement with a gay alien witch.

Nonetheless, one thing is for sure that Sua Saleh is not married, but the same can not be stated about her dating life.

Is Dua Saleh On Instagram? 

Dua Saleh is available on Instagram as @doitlikedua.