What Is Mask Fishing Tiktok And Why Is It Trending? Meme Meaning Explained

What Is Mask Fishing Tiktok And Why Is It Trending? Meme Meaning Explained

What Is Mask Fishing Tiktok? Here is everything you need to know about the new TikTok trend and how people are using it for public interaction. 

By now the TikTok users have realized that they will always get some trend to go along with. 

With different trends going on recently where some are fun, some are educational, and some are socially disturbing, people so find something to entertain them. 

A similar trend has been raised which is surely not socially disturbing yet, but neither is it educational; the Mask Fishing Tiktok just seems like an entertaining thing, unless things turn dirty. 

With thousands of videos and millions of views, this trend got a big buff very soon and a lot of people are getting involved here because it does not harm anybody else. 

However, many people do not know what these trends are about. So, we are here to explain what these trends are and what do they actually mean. 

What Is Mask Fishing Tiktok? 

Mask FIshing is a new trend on TikTok which many people claim is another trend that we probably do not need, just like hundreds of other trends on the platform. 

Well, nothing very disturbing has happened because of this trend, so not a lot of negativity is spread. However, it does not much time to go the wrong way. 

Anyways, in this trend, people wear a mask on their face in the beginning and they later take their mask off. 

Here, the main thing is that some people turn out to be so-called “better looking” with their masks on, and some look “worse than their masks on”, marking the exact words sued on the trends. 

Generally, people ask if they are mask fishing and when they open their masks, there is a very “attractive looking” person behind the masks. 

@yesenia_senirella I feel like my lips should be bigger and my nose should be smaller than what it is #viralvideo #mask #maskfishing ♬ original sound – 13ase

Mask Fishing Urban Dictionary Meaning 

How the trend works, and how the urban dictionary defines Mask Fishing is a bit different. 

While the trend is working both ways, The urban meaning of Mask Fishing is one specific thing. 

It states that Mask fishing is the phenomenon where people look good when they put their mask on and when they take it off, they look completely different and bad, in terms of looks. 

They have also provided an example where a girl finds a gut cute but when he opens his mask, she finds he was mask fishing, meaning he was not as attractive. 


Stop mask fishing 2021 🤣 (credit: @masta5902 ) #dankscole #SkipTheRinse

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What Does Mask Fishing Meme Mean?

Well, a trend is here, so surely, there will be a meme because not everybody likes these trends. So, they try to troll these with memes. 

In these memes, people make fun of those who are making these trends saying that all of these people look very good when their masks are on and when they do not talk. 

And, the moment they take their mask off, the members make it look like they saw something disgusting.