What Is Memphis Rapper Straight Drop Real Name? Young Dolph Killer Identified -Details To Know

What Is Memphis Rapper Straight Drop Real Name? Young Dolph Killer Identified -Details To Know

Straight Drop, one of the suspects who was rumored to have been arrested in December for the murder of Young Dolph. Find out his real name and charges in the article below.

Straight Drop is also a rapper’ however, his name is not as big as Young Dolph. Straight Drop also do not have any songs that are popular among the people, so that he may be a struggling artist,

His name came forward in the limelight after the news of his arrest for being involved in Young Drop was circulated. However, that is not true. He is still being searched by the teams investigating the murder of Young Dolph.

Straight Drop Real Name

Straight Drop’s real name is Justin Johnson. He is accused of murdering the famous rapper Young Dolph. He is a fugitive in a run and searched by the police department.

The motive behind the murder of Young Dolph is still not known; however, the fans of Young speculate that murderers were jealous of seeing the success of Young.

More details about the Straight can be expected as the police investigation releases more information. For now, he is a fugitive in a run, and anyone who provides tips about him will be awarded $15,000.

Memphis Rapper Straight Drop Arrest Charges

Memphis Rapper Straight Drop is charged with a first-degree murder charge. However, he also has a charge of an outstanding warrant for violation of federal supervised release out of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee.

So he has two cases running against him. Thus, he is not searched by only police but also by U.S. Marshalls. The investigation teams have used their maximum resources to find him.

On top of their resources, they have announced the reward of 15,000 for anyone who could information about his whereabouts. The official notice with contact details is on the U.S. marshalls website.

Young Dolph Killer Identified – Straight Drop

Young Dolph killer identified the police investigation had released the charge against Straight Drop, known as rap name Justin Johnson, for the murder of Young Dolph.

Straight Drop is 23 years old who has been accused of killing Young Dolph in Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies. He has a youtube channel named Straight Drop with only one video and more than 2,000 subscribers.

In his video, Young fans comment and pour their grief and anger against him. The cause of murder, as suspected by the fans, is jealousy; however, the real reason can only be known when police and federal agency investigation is over.

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