What Is ‘People Who Know Meme’? Meaning Explained & TikTok Videos -In Details

What Is ‘People Who Know Meme’? Meaning Explained & TikTok Videos -In Details

People Who Know Meme is a trend that is taking meme pages by storm. It showcases the expectations versus reality template.

People Who Know Meme got made on Twitter. A month after its creation, a user reposted the image to /r/blursedimages, getting its first wave of fame.

Since then, the image got spread like wildfire taking over one app at a time. Memempages all over the internet verse took the meme and put their on intelligent spin on it.

The template gathered millions of likes and continues to generate more.

The meme reached the height of popularity in June of 2021.

What Are The People Who Know Meme On TikTok?

People Who Know Meme is not available on TikTok. As the meme is based on pictures, it didn’t gain much moment on the video-based app that is TikTok.

The meme is also not accompanied by catchy sounds or dance moves, making it difficult to do.

On the other hand, the meme is taking Instagram and Twitter by storm. 

Well-known meme pages have adapted to the template and made their versions of it.

After its initial fame in Reddit, it spread all over the internet verse.

People Who Know Meme: Meaning Explored

According to know your meme, People Who Know Meme originated from Twitter.

It is also called the Traumatize Mr. Incredible. Mr. Incredible is a character for the famous animated movie The Incredibles.

The meme shows a colored version of Mr incredible and a black and white version of him.

The colored version signifies that he is oblivious to the danger of the world, and his life is still full of colors.

But the black and white version signifies that he realized the truth and is in emotional pain.

The meme is new and started around September of this year by user @citizenplain.

How To Do The People Who Know Meme Trend?

People Who Know Meme is easy to do. All you need is an idea for the meme.

Follow the instructions and make your new meme.

  1. Go to google and download the template for the meme.
  2. Go to a photo editor app that has writing enabled.
  3. Use the original idea of the meme and make your edits.
  4. Save the picture and open your social media
  5. Post the image with the appropriate hashtag to get maximum views.
  6. You can also collaborate with meme pages to get your meme to reach a wider audience.

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