What Is ‘Teacher Band Aid TikTok? A New Viral Trend Explained

What Is ‘Teacher Band Aid TikTok? A New Viral Trend Explained

Teacher Band-Aid is all over TikTok, and it has astonished all the users. Explore its meaning in this article.

Racism goes a long way back. But nowadays, people are pretty aware of it and its consequences.

However, a woke woman, who declares herself a teacher, inflicted this issue on TikTok.

Moreover, You can not even imagine what she did. She directly accused band-aids of being a symbol of racism. Like seriously? Band-aids are just to put on wounds to prevent them from infection.

What Is ‘Teacher Band-Aid TikTok? A New Viral Trend Explained

On TikTok, ‘Teacher Band-Aid’ is going viral at a fast pace.

People might confuse it as the No Bra Band-Aid trend, but it is different than that. It all started in late May 2021. 

A woman who is also a school teacher uploaded racism inflicting video on TikTok.

She accused the poor band-aid as a symbol of white privilege.

In her video, which has now been deleted, she mentioned that the flesh tone of the band-aid is white.

That’s why she does not use it on brown kids because she feels like she is insulting the child’s injury.

The woman went on to the extreme and even described that she orders brown band-aids for her school children.

She even clarified that she faces many hurdles while doing that.

We all know that the majority of band-aids are white.

But does that mean a brown/black person can not wear it? Does it mean that it will not protect a brown or black person’s wound?

Is It Related To No Bra Band-Aid TikTok Challenge? Is It Racist?

The Teacher Band-Aid is nowhere close to the No Bra Band-Aid TikTok.

It is simply a racism-driven video. The woman knowingly inflicted her racist thoughts on TikTok, and people are also giving her the tag of a ‘hypocrite.’

Further, many other creators have stitched and shared their thoughts in response to the woman’s video.

Except for her, everyone is aware that the color of the band-aid does not matter.

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