What Is The Blue Whale Challenge On TikTok? New Kind Of Cyber Bullying Explained In Detail

What Is The Blue Whale Challenge On TikTok? New Kind Of Cyber Bullying Explained In Detail

Concerns are growing on the Blue Whale challenge, as a troubling practice has emerged on social media, this time targeting users of TikTok. 

The Blue Whale Challenge” is a TikTok fad that began in 2016 and is said to have spread to other countries.

It is a “game” that consists of a series of chores assigned to administrators over 50 days, initially harmless until introducing aspects of self-harm and culminating in a final challenge that requires the player to commit suicide.

What Is The Blue Whale Challenge On TikTok?

The Blue Whale Challenge is a risky and improper ‘challenge that pops up now and then on social media, garnering popularity. The trend targets youngsters and consists of 50 unsettling obstacles spread out over 50 days.

While the challenge has been around for a while on Instagram and Twitter, it has recently acquired traction on TikTok.

This is a dangerous trend with potentially fatal implications. So if you come across the Blue Whale Challenge on TikTok, please report the posts, make your DMs private, and ignore the messages.

How To Do Blue Whale Challenge?

Three persons compete in this task side by side. Two people stand on either side, with one in the middle. The person in the center jumps high, while others on the sides kick on the person’s legs in the middle.

As a result, the jumper falls to the ground. So it’s no surprise that “skull breaker” has been labeled the latest school threat in several countries.

Another TikTok video, allegedly from a Mexican school, shows two schoolgirls tripping a classmate with the arms of a sweater. The incident’s footage has gone popular on social media as well.

Blue Whale Challenge

If you come across any mention of the Blue Whale Challenge on the internet, we strongly advise you not to participate or share anything related to it.

This type of challenge can be considered a new form of cyberbullying targeting young people on social media platforms.

Because many of the challenge’s administrators are messaging people via TikTok, it’s a good idea to avoid receiving messages like these, make your social media profiles private.

If you see someone using the hashtags #bluewhalechallenge or any other related hashtags, it’s a sign that they’re taking part and may need help.

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