What Is Tim Wonnacott Doing Now: Is He Sick? Everything To Know About The English Auctioneer

What Is Tim Wonnacott Doing Now: Is He Sick? Everything To Know About The English Auctioneer

What is TV’s well-known face’s Tim Wonnacott doing now? His fans are worried about him given his limited appearance on screens. 

Tim Wonnacott is an English auctioneer and an antique expert. 

The 1951 born presenter has exactly two dozen self-credits show appearance to his name as per IMDb

His credits include Strictly Come Dancing, Countdown, Bargain Hunt, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, et cetera.

What Is Tim Wonnacott Doing Now?

Tim Wonnacott is now involved in Antiques Road Trip in 2021 as a self-presenter.

As per the IMDb, the Tv personality has been actively engaged in the mentioned TV series since the year 2010.

As per his Twitter bio, we found that Tim is a star of Bargain Hunt now going from the saleroom to the Strictly Ballroom and back to BBC Bargain Hunt and on to pastures new. One interesting thing about 70-year-old auctioneer Tim is that he is really active on social media, especially his Twitter handle. 

He recently shared a snap on September 20, 2021, with a guy named Chris captioning “On the road again” and also tagged AA breakdown. What’s more, Wonnacott also effectively uses his Twitter account to virtually announce the items to be auctioned with their picture and details including the price.

Tim Wonnacott Illness And Health Condition Update

Tim Wonnacott has no record of illness or diseases explored by the web portals.

Well, we discovered from his social media that he had hip problems back then in 2016. Actually, around five years ago, he had a quick slick hip operation. 

About his health condition update, although in his 70s, the TV personality still seems fit, fine, and healthy like a young man and does not look around his age at all.

The above description is fitted after the virtual judgment of his pictures. We could not found more about his health issues of the past and present on the internet. 

Tim Wonnacott Wife: Who Is He Married To? 

Tim Wonnacott is married to his wife Helen Wonnacott as found in his wikipedia.

It is also learned that the England-born auctioneer officially married his now-wife in 1984. And, the Wonnacott couple has three children.

Further details about his family members remain unexplored as Wonnacott has kept a low profile when it comes to his children and life partner.