What Is Young Pharaoh Real Name: Is The Rapper Cancelled?

What Is Young Pharaoh Real Name: Is The Rapper Cancelled?

Rapper Young Pharaoh, whose real name is still under the wraps, has gained immense popularity for his songs. But is he cancelled now? 

Young Pharaoh is a rapper and musician. In addition to this, he is also a host. He is known for hosting a lecture series titled Spirit Science on his Youtube channel. He is known as an educator and also has released songs like Ritual, Back Jumping, and Levels to This Shift. Apart from this, he is also a boxer. 

Recently Pharaoh came into the limelight after he was canceled from the CPAC event in 2021. 

Here let us get to know the details of the rapper Young Pharoah’s personal life  and why was he canceled from the event of CPAC. 

Quick Facts:

Name Young Pharaoh
Birthday August 30, 1993
Age 27
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Married/Single Dating: Golden
Children Son: Heru. Daughter: Ama

What Is Rapper Young Pharaoh’s Real Name?

The rapper and musical artist Young Pharaoh has not exposed his real name as of now.

The rapper is well known for his stage name and has hardly ever spoken or revealed the real name. 

Is Young Pharaoh Cancelled? 

Yes, the rapper Young Pharaoh is cancelled from the upcoming event of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). 

Pharaoh is cancelled from the political conference named “America Uncanceled’. 

Pharaoh was supposed to be one of the speakers in the Conservative event. However, he is now canceled. 

Why Is The Rapper Young Pharaoh Cancelled From The Event of CPAC?

Young Pharaoh is canceled from the event of CPAC because of his disparaging remarks on Jewish people. 

The rapper was presumed to be the speaker of the program of CPAC as he was dropped from the scheduled appearance for his anti-Semitic tweets.

CPAC’s intervention came after a research group Media Matter for America claimed on 22nd February 2021 that the rapper Pharaoh told his followers that Judaism is a lie and made up for the political benefit. Besides, it is stated that he reportedly called “Thieving Fake Jews”. 


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