What Race Is Gero Hanirias? Everything On His Age And Birthday Details

What Race Is Gero Hanirias? Everything On His Age And Birthday Details

Gero Hanirias has inherited mixed-race ethnicity from his parents, whose identity is yet to be disclosed.

Gero Hanirias is a TikTok star and a popular celebrity on other social media platforms.

He has managed to get over 450k followers on the mentioned video-making platform.

Gero’s name surfaced on the internet after Amador publicized a video titled “The Lies Must Be Stopped” which hints out at Gero’s ex.

As per Hitc, Gero and his ex-girlfriend both mentioned cheating as the reason for their breakup. However, neither of them has publicly opened up on who actually cheated in their relationship.

What Is Gero Hanirias Race?

Gero Hanirias has never disclosed his race in the public.

But, judging from his visual appearance, Hanirias seems to be of mixed race as he neither seems completely Caucasoid, Mongoloids nor Negroid.

Gero Hanirias Age And Birthday 

Further, his birth year is recorded as 1999.

According to Famous Birthdays, he was born and brought up in Texas, US. 

Gero Hanirias Parents

We are unaware of Gero Hanirias’s parents as he has never made any revelations about his family life to his fans.

Except for his relationship with a web star previously, he has kept his personal life tightly wrapped around him.

Even in his TikTok videos which own 481.2k fans, Gero never mentioned or featured his parents there but only his peers.


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What Is Gero Hanirias Ethnicity?

Gero Hanirias appears to be of Latin American ethnicity, based on his looks.

Regarding the Gero & Paeka YouTube channel which includes pranks and vlog videos, Gero is one-half part of it. 

Similarly, the other half is his ex-girlfriend. In the said channel, he and his then-girlfriend, Paeka Campos have garnered over 130k subscribers. 

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