Where Is Carlos Lehder Now? El Mexicano Drug Lord Update Today And Family Details

Where Is Carlos Lehder Now? El Mexicano Drug Lord Update Today And Family Details

Where Is Carlos Lehder Now? Here is everything you need to know about the El Mexicano Drug Lord, his whereabouts, and life matters today in 2021. 

Carlos Lehder, full name Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas, is a German-Colombian former drug lord and a drug cartel founder. 

He co-founded the Medellín Cartel which is currently recognized as one of the most powerful cartels to have ever run. 

He was the person who stole cars, but after his initial arrest in the United States and his information about drugs, he started to sell drugs. 

He made several plans for selling drugs across the United States and Canada and starting from Marijuana, it was no time until he went into the business of Cocaine. 

Well, his ruling and the cartel ended decades ago, but the thing he did has surely not been forgotten by the people and is still a burning thing when it comes to drugs and the US. 

Indeed, people are eager to find out where he is now, his daughter, wife, net worth, and other related matters. 

Where Is Carlos Lehder Now? 

While we do not know the exact whereabouts of the former drug lord Carlos Lehder, we do know that he is out of prison and is free. 

He was sentenced to life plus another 135 years and 55 more years in prison. However, he was set to be released early, and just after 33 years of serving, he was released in June of 2020. 

After that, there has not been a lot of details into where he might be now but he is surely under police coverage because he is out on parole. 

Meet Carlos Lehder Wife And Daughter

Carlos Lehder has a daughter and many think that he was married but there is no information about his possible wife or partner yet. 

He has lived a long life now, even though half of it was in prison, he surely had a partner with who he gave birth to his daughter, Monica Lehder. 

Also, there is not a lot of information available about Carlos’s daughter because she is not a renowned personality like him. 

The only details available about any of his family members are his parents Willheim Lehder Rivas and Helena Rivas and Carlos is the 3rd child of their 4 children. 

Carlos Lehder Net Worth Today In 2021

The net worth of the former drug lord Carlos Lehder is probably nothing. 

Well, previously, ahead of his arrest, he was the sole owner of about $2.7 billion but after his arrest, all of that property was seized. 

He has been out for just a year and he is 72 now, so he will surely not have a net worth by himself now. 

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Last Modified: November 28, 2021

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