Where Is Mark Robinson AFL 360 & What Happened To Him? Mark “Robbo” Robinson Illness Explained

Where Is Mark Robinson AFL 360 & What Happened To Him? Mark “Robbo” Robinson Illness Explained

Mark Robinson is reportedly sick which is why he is not appearing on his TV and radio programs. Let’s find out where is he now and what is his illness.

Mark Robinson is a famous Australian sports journalist. He is best known as the chief football writer for the newspaper, Herald Sun.

Likewise, Robinson is a radio and TV presenter as well. He runs 1116 SEN radio station’s pre-match AFL and Fox Footy’s AFL 360 program.

Mark played junior football for Sandhurst FC. Growing up, the journalism field fascinated him and he started covering the football news.

In 2010, Robinson was hired by Fox Footy to present AFL 360. Throughout the years, he was contracted by 1116 SEN radio and Herald Sun as well.

Where Is Mark Robinson AFL 360, What Happened?

AFL 360’s presenter, Mark Robinson is currently resting in Australia.

After a long disappearance from the media, fans were concerned about the celebrity presenter, Mark. He initially got infected by the covid-19 virus.

Following that, Robinson suffered a heart attack. Due to that, he had to undergo open-heart surgery and is not present on the show.

Mark “Robbo” Robinson Illness Explained: What’s Wrong With Him?

Mark ”Robbo” Robinson suffered from a deadly illness but he is recovering.

He was found coughing in a live broadcast. After that, he was sent for a PCR test which came out to be positive.

Robinson fought bravely against the COVID-19 virus and won the battle. However, he got a heart attack after outliving the virus.

So, Mark had to go through a complex open-heart surgery. He is currently recovering from his surgery and resting for improving his health.

As of now, nothing is wrong with Robinson.

He will not continue his job for some time. It is believed that the journalist will start working from 2022 onwards.

Mark Robinson AFL 360 Wife And Net Worth

Mark Robinson from AFL 360 has not revealed anything about his wife.

Although he seems like a married man, he has concealed his personal life details. To be true, his family is taking good care of him.

The net worth details of Mark are under review.

From over 2 decades of career, he has gathered a lot of experience. Likewise, he made a modest sum of money and collected a rich fortune.

In 2021, Robinson lives a decent life in Melbourne, Australia.

Meet Him On Twitter

Mark Robinson tweets as @Robbo_heraldsun on Twitter.

He has been active on the platform since 2010. Moreover, he is followed by over 178.5K people worldwide.

Robinson has not posted anything since December of 2020. His fans are eagerly waiting for him to be back on the sports field.