Where Is Tim Lincecum Now? Everything On His Wife And More

Where Is Tim Lincecum Now? Everything On His Wife And More

Where is Tim Lincecum now in 2021? It’s been years since the athlete has taken a break from the limelight, but still has not publicly made appearances. 

Tim Lincecum is an American former professional baseball player. 

Tim made his major league debut on the 6th of May, 2007 and from then on, he had no turning back. He is a 4 times MLB All-Star and 3 times World Series champion. 

Though this exceptional pitcher has not been seen at a baseball event in years, he still trends whenever a pitcher has an impressive outing.

Where Is Tim Lincecum Now?

Tim Lincecum is living somewhere in Seattle as per the news in Sportscasting.

As per San Francisco Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy, he returned to San Francisco in September 2019 for Bruce’s retirement ceremony. And, the retired manager is the one who hinted that Lincecum might still be in Seattle.

Rather than venturing into coaching or other broadcasting careers like other athletes would have done, Tim Lincecum just disappeared into a thin air without leaving any trace. 

The Giants expressed about hiring Tim once he announces to get retired as an athlete, but the next thing they know is that Tim is nowhere to be found.

But, there is not even a prior announcement of retirement by Lincecum and as per the Bars Tool Sports site, he has gone totally off the grid.

In July 2021, one of the Twitter users commented that Tim was spotted around San Francisco lately with his dog then. 

What Is Tim Lincecum Age?

Tim Lincecum is aged 37 years old as of 2021.

His date of birth as recorded in Baseball-Reference is 15th of June, 1984.

Tim Lincecum Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Tim Lincecum’s girlfriend and soon-to-be wife are named Kristen Coleman. 

We are unknown of these two lovebirds’ relationship development as of now as they both have been maintaining a low-profile life lately.

According to SF Chronicle, Lincecum’s girlfriend is involved in the teaching sector. Well, she previously worked as a former elementary school teacher and presently involves as a school principal on the Peninsula.

MLB Player Tim Lincecum Net Worth 

MLB player Tim Lincecum has banked more than $100 million in net worth during the 10 seasons of his career.

With achievements of success and milestones in the baseball field, the athlete had earned a name, fame, and a hefty amount, that an aspiring athlete dreams of, from his game performances. 

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