Who Are The Members Of The Kray Twinz? Everything About The Punjabi Music Duo Based In The UK

Who Are The Members Of The Kray Twinz? Everything About The Punjabi Music Duo Based In The UK

Jaz Singh, one of the brothers of Kray Twinz, has passed away. The musicians were gathered a lot of success throughout their careers. Learn who was his and more about his Wikipedia.

The Kray Twinz was the scene’s famous British brothers. The death of singer Jaz shocked the whole British Asian community tonight.

The Kray Twinz has won a slew of awards in their professional careers. He’s written award-winning music for TV shows, movie soundtracks, video games, House Bhangra, Hip Hop, and R&B bangers, and he’s had international huge success.

Kray Twinz Music Duo Wikipedia

During their 25-year career, the Kray Twinz – identical twins – have accumulated a slew of awards. His Wikipedia page is not available yet.

The brothers, who are initially from Coventry, have been ardent vinyl collectors since a young age, preferring music to schoolwork – much to the displeasure of their parents, who, according to Jaz, “didn’t know the half of it.”

By the age of 15, these self-proclaimed bad boys were DJing large daytime parties for up to 2,000 people and developing a reputation for an experimental style that blends House with Bhangra, Hip Hop, and R&B.

Since then, the Kray Twinz has expanded into production and composition, making mixes for musicians such as Sting, Mark Morrison, and Keyshia Cole and chart-topping songs for Panjabi MC Lethal Bizzle and Jamaican sensation Elephant Man.


Jaz Singh Death And Brother

Jaz Singh, a member of the music group Kray Twinz, has unfortunately died, according to BizAsiaLive.com.

Singh is suspected of having Covid-19 problems, but nothing more is known at this time.

The Kray Twinz collaborated with Indian rapper Emiway on Dhyan De’s song, which peaked at No. 1 on YouTube India with 20 million views.

Their musical education began at a young age and, ironically, arose from classroom boredom. Most youngsters were fascinated with Tekken and Street Fighter in arcades; they strategically combined methods and stockpiling records. Today, their record collection alone occupies the majority of the lower level of their studio.

The first time they performed in front of a club crowd was in Coventry, in the dance music genre, which is a world different from what their preferences have developed to reveal now, but it gained them a slew of admirers.

Kray Twinz Age: Meet Them On Instagram 

Jaz Singh, one of the Kray twinz, was guessed to be the age of 35 before his demise. The news of Jaz’s death was shared on @britasiatv Instagram.

@kraytwinz have amassed hundred thousand followers on their Instagram account.

They had been very vocal about the farmer protest in India on the platform, supporting the farmers as much as possible.

@britasiatv shared they were shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Jaz Singh (@jaz_kraytwinz), who made up one half of the amazingly talented @kraytwinz

An iconic duo who contributed so much to British Asian Music will be missed.

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