Who Are Todd Kupfer And Lori Kupfer? Brianna Kupfer Parents Facebook And Bio

Who Are Todd Kupfer And Lori Kupfer? Brianna Kupfer Parents Facebook And Bio

Brianna Kupfer’s parents Todd and Lori Kupfer are now suffering from the grief of losing their beloved daughter. Here is everything about his parents and killer. 

LA also called as City of angles has seen a huge crime surge from the year 2019. 

Homicides in the City of Angeles rose 52% last year from 2019, and shooting incidents were up 59% LAPD data shows. 

And the killing/murder of Brianna Kupfer is also one of the many killings that have occurred in LA.

Who Are Todd Kupfer And Lori Kupfer? Brianna Kupfer Parents

Brianna Kupfer was born to her parents Todd Kupfer and Lori Kupfer. 

Brianna was was only 24 years old, who was killed by a man who is identified to be a homeless man, although the search is still going on. 

Todd’s daughter was a grad student who was the beloved daughter and was the light of their eyes. 

For now, there has not been much information regarding Todd and Lori, but it has come to the attention that they are now searching for Justice.

It has been huge grief and sorrow with the loss of their loved child who was taken away before the time. 

Brianna Kupfer Facebook And Biography

Brianna Kupfer Facebook account is not yet made public, as it could be the key to investigating her. 

But as of now, there have been several obituary and honor that have been made over the different social media account including Facebook. 

Brianna was a graduate student at the Brentwood High School, and the University of Miami. 

She was working as a design consultant at the high-end furniture store which is popular with celebrities like Mandy Moore, whose Pasadena home features a Croft House sofa, according to Architectural Digest.  

Brianna who was supporting herself by working at the Croft House was always supported by her parents and family. 

As of now, the whole of LA has come together for the funeral of Brianna Kupfer and has shown a deep desire to search for the murderer at any cost. 

Brianna Kupfer Boyfriend

As of now, there are no details if Brianna Kupfer has a boyfriend or not.

Brianna was always a nice girl who was loved by her co-worker and the people around her. 

But nothing has been known about her boyfriend, and it seems that she might not have any.

Who Is Brianna Kupfer Killer? 

Talking about her killer, as of now, it is only estimated that it was a homeless man who entered that facility alone and stabbed Brianna Kupfer to death. 

On the 13th of January 2022, she was murdered at her workplace. She was at her workplace in the 300 block of North La Brea Avenue, like she was on prior days.

She was going about her daily business.

Kupfer was working along in the facility of Croft House in Los Angeles manufacturer. 

She was working along in the 300 sq ft of the warehouse, and the CCTV recorded an unknown man, who was believed to be homeless, entering the facility.

And it was the same man who left the facility after stabbing Brianna to death. 

The police have been searching for the man around LA for the man, and have said that they will find the culprit soon. 

About Author: Bishal Acharya

Last Modified: January 18, 2022

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