Who Is ABC Journalist Shelley Ross’ Husband? Is She Related To David Ross From Carphone House?

Who Is ABC Journalist Shelley Ross’ Husband? Is She Related To David Ross From Carphone House?

Shelley Ross’s married a single father as her husband. Is her husband’s name David Ross? Let’s get an answer to that below.

Shelley Ross is the producer and the former boss of Chris Cuamo.

Following her sexual harassment claims on CNN’s Shelley Ross against CNN’s Chris, she and her husband have come into public interest.

The incident that happened over a decade ago got unfolded by The Cure Alliance’s president and former ABC and CBS employee Shelley Ross.

It’s correct that Shelley Ross does have a husband but his name is yet to be publicized by the producer.

Well, no, she is not related to David Ross at all. It’s true that there are materials found on the online platforms about Shelley Ross and David Ross as love partners. Certainly, this has led to people believing that Shelley mentioned there is actually the former ABC’s executive producer and Chris’s accuser.

But, that’s not true at all. What made us believe in this matter is that Shelley Ross mentioned in the news with David is a pole dancer, whose real name is Michelle Ross as per Standard. And, the Shelley we are researching about here is another person.

Another thing we found which confirms that ABC’s Shelley is not related to Davis is that the latter one never got married to pole dancer Shelley and they are both labeled as ex-partners. However, Chris’s accuser has already been married to her husband for over 15 years.

Coming on to Shelley Ross’s husband, she got married to her current husband at age 37 and officially became the step-mother of two children as per Motherhood Later

Shelley Ross Age & Wiki

Shelley Ross’s age might be above 50 years old.

We only discovered that her birthday lies on the 30th of April.

Although there is no Shelley Ross’s Wikipedia, she has an IMDb dedicated to her. As per IMDb, she has over half a dozen producing credits to her name. 

Some of her producing documentaries or TV series are Good Morning America, The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell, Murder in Beverly Hills: The Menendez Trial, etc.    

Details On Shelley Ross And Chris Cuomo Allegations 

Shelley Ross’s allegations on Chris Cuomo regarding grabbing her bottom part while he was hugging her at the party in 2005 left everyone shocked at present.

What’s more shocking is that the scene of Chris behaving inappropriately was witnessed by Shelley’s husband on the spot. After some time, she got the message of apology from Cuomo and he apologized to her husband first rather than her.