Who Is Actor Simon Lefebvre? Everything On Comedian ‘Sim’ Who Played Plucka Duck On Hey Hey

Who Is Actor Simon Lefebvre? Everything On Comedian ‘Sim’ Who Played Plucka Duck On Hey Hey

Simon Lefebvre, an Australian Actor, Played Plucka Duck On Hey Hey it’s Saturday, a popular Australian television’s long-running comedy variety show. 

The role of Plucka Duck was originally played by Mark McGahan as per John Blackman, a voice-over work artist in the show. He was interviewed in 2009. 

The Plucka Duck was especially replaced with ‘sim’ for the reunion special.

Plucka Duck was nominated for the Most Popular Comedy Personality at Logie award in 1997.

The show recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Actor Simon Lefebvre Aka Sim: Who Played Plucka Duck On Hey Hey?

Actor Simon Lefebvre aka Sim, is known for his work on Redemption in 2013. He has also played Silence of the Hams in 1992. The actor finally got to replace Mark McGahan in Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

Plucka Duck has been the dearest member of the Hey Hey team since 1987. Apart from wreaking havoc and causing mischief, the Plucka Duck started its own segment.

The segment allowed the viewers to spin the wheel and win prizes that were another popularity ladder for the Plucka Duck. 

Simon Lefebvre Age: How Old Is He?

Simon Lefebvre’s age has not been revealed yet. However, we expect him to be around 35 years old.

Simon took over the role of Plucka Duck in the year 2009. Because of some reasons, the plucks show was paused from 1999 to 2009. And then again,

from 2010 to the present, the Plucka Duck appears in every show with more energy and twists.

In the year 2016, Plucka appeared in an ad in KFC. The Plucka was seen riding a skateboard down the mountainous roads of New Zealand. That was Simon, who completed such an adventurous campaign.

Simon Lefebvre Wikipedia: Who Is He? 

Simon Lefebvre is not the ‘Sim’ from Hey Hey It’s Saturday. His name exactly matches with a French Footballer. 

Any information regarding Simon’s personal life cannot be found on Wikipedia. But his name has been mentioned in the details on Plucka Duck and the show.

Plucka is a character with confident and completely truthful characteristics. 

Meet Simon Lefebvre On Instagram 

Simon Lefebvre cannot be found on Instagram except for the character Plucka Duck. So, we do not even have his picture. However, Sim has been able to justify the Plucka Duck character.

The man behind Plucka Duck is kept still in suspense, and maybe this is the reason for people’s curiosity and attentiveness towards this character.