Who Is Agnes Jebet Tirop Husband? Is Kenyan Olympic Long-Distance Runner Murder Suspect Arrested?

Who Is Agnes Jebet Tirop Husband? Is Kenyan Olympic Long-Distance Runner Murder Suspect Arrested?

Kenyan Olympic runner, Agnes Jebet Tirop was found dead in her Iten home. Her husband is the current suspect as he did not show up until now.

Agnes Jebet Tirop was a professional athlete and a long-distance runner. She still holds the world record for the 10 kilometers women’s only event.

Tirop was athletic from a young age and she trained as a runner-up. She first came into the spotlight as a runner-up for the 2012  Kenyan Cross Country Championships.

Jebet’s first national selection was at African Cross Country Championships. She became a runner-up and earned a silver medal for her performance.

Agnes also debuted internationally from the 2012 World Junior Championships. Later on, she competed in World Championships and World Cross Country Championships.

Tirop broke a world record of 10 kilometers women’s only event in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Further, she came second in the 2021 Giants Geneva race.

Who Is Agnes Jebet Tirop Husband & Where Is He Now? 

As per BBC, Agnes Jebet Tirop’s husband is the suspect in her murder.

The name and profession of her partner are not yet revealed. But he has not been gone for a long time and is not seen near their Iten house lately.

Since Agnes’s partner disappeared all of sudden, the local police have allegedly considered him the killer. However, the truth is yet to come into the light.

As of now, Jebet’s husband is not arrested and his whereabouts are unknown.

Agnes Jebet Tirop Death Cause: How Did She Die?

Late athlete, Agnes Jebet Tirop’s death was caused by multiple stabbings.

Her dead body was discovered at her home in Iten on 13 October 2021. After the initial investigation, police are considering her partner a suspect.

However, the investigation is still ongoing and more details are yet to come.

How Old Was Agnes Jebet Tirop? Age Revealed

Promising runner, Agnes Jebet Tirop was 25 years old when she was brutally murdered.

She was born on 23 October 1995 and had a birth sign of Scorpio. Besides, she was 10 days away from celebrating her 26th birthday.

Further, Agnes held Kenyan nationality and had a black ethnic heritage. 

Details On Agnes Jebet Tirop Family

Agnes Jebet Tirop’s family is devastated by the news of her death.

They are still coping with it and are mourning her death. Especially, her parents are in shock and are deeply saddened by her passing.

No parents can see their child lying on a deathbed. But they are holding up and are determined to bring her killer to justice.