Who Is Alcee Hastings’ Daughter Chelsea Hastings?

Who Is Alcee Hastings’ Daughter Chelsea Hastings?

US representative, Federal Judge, and Politician Alcee Hastings dies at 84 due to several health issues. You might be concerned about his family. Let’s learn more about his daughter Chelsea Hastings. 

Chelsea Hastings is the daughter of a US state representative, a federal judge, and a politician. Recently, after the death of her father, Chelsea has been concerned by the public. 

Quick Facts:

Name Chelsea Hastings
Age 40 – 45
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents Alcee Hastings, Patricia Williams
Siblings 2

Chelsea Hastings Alcee – Hastings’ Daughter

Chelsea Hastings is the daughter of Alcee Hastings. Chelsea is one of the 3 children of Alcee hasting from his second wife. 

Alcee hasting had been serving as one of the House of Representatives of Florida. He serves for 20 years on the 23rd Congressional street from 1993 to 2013. 

Further, he was serving as the representative for the 20th congressional street from 2013, until his death recently. 

Chelsea Hastings Age

Chelsea Hastings’ age seems to be somewhere around 40 to 45 years. However, her exact date of birth and age is not revealed yet on any platform. 

She was born to Alcee and her mother Patricia Williams in the USA. 

Chelsea Hastings Family

There are not many details regarding the family of Chelsea Hastings. Indeed, there are not any specific details regarding the family of Alcee Hastings. 

Chelsea has 2 siblings from her mother Patricia and father. And, they are Alcee “Jody” Hastings II and Leigh Hastings.

Further, there are no relevant details that say whether Chelsea is married, or who she lives with. This has made the public wonder if she is married or has she just chose to keep things private. 

Despite being the daughter of a renowned personality, there is not any information that can be extracted. 

Chelsea Hastings Net Worth

Chelsea Hastings’ net worth as well as her profession is under review and not revealed.

So, till now there is no accurate information regarding Chelsea Hastings’ net worth or work. Her father on the other hand had a net worth of about $7 million.

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