Who Is Amanda Ip On ‘Single All The Way’? Meet Her On Instagram

Who Is Amanda Ip On ‘Single All The Way’? Meet Her On Instagram

Fans are eager to watch a gay Christmas romcom. Buckle up because Single All The Way will be coming soon on Netflix. Something you would not want to miss. Amanda Ip is one of the cast members. Let us dive into the details.

After getting caught up in a Christmas love triangle in the LGBT romantic comedy, Michael Urie is less than festive, which premieres on 2 December 2021.

“Single All the Way” is directed by Michael Mayer, who follows Peter (Michael Urie), a Los Angeles man about to return home for the holidays.

To allay his family’s fears about his single everlasting state, Peter persuades his friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to accompany him on vacation and pretend to be his boyfriend.

Peter’s Christmassy plan, however, goes haywire when his mother (Kathy Najimy) sets him up on a date with her trainer, James, in a typical romantic comedy manner (Luke Macfarlane).

“Single All the Way” reflected “all the elements I wanted to see in a holiday rom-com,” according to screenwriter and executive producer Chad Hodge in a press statement.

Single All The Way: Who is Amanda Ip? Details on her Age and Wikipedia Explored

Amanda Ip is best known for her roles in the movies like Single All The Way, which will air on Netflix on 2 December 2021, and When Love Blooms will also be out by 2021.

Unfortunately, the date of birth details of Amanda Ip is yet to be explored. On the contrary, she appears to be in her late twenties to early thirties.

According to the reports, she grew up in Los Angeles, USA. 

There is not much information on who her family members are. However, more shall be revealed in the upcoming days. 

Who is Amanda Ip Boyfriend? Is she Single?

There is no piece of evidence proving Amanda Ip to be dating anyone. As there barely is any info on Amanda herself, it appears that she prefers to keep her private life confidential and out of the spotlight.

As her movie “Single all the way” is already reaching out to excited audiences, we might eventually get a chance to learn more about her. 

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