Who Is Arnold Mahesan? Everything On Roxy Earle Husband And Wedding Details

Who Is Arnold Mahesan? Everything On Roxy Earle Husband And Wedding Details

Roxy Earle is married to her husband Arnold Mahesan, who is a fertility doctor by profession. Details to follow.

Arnold Mahesan is precisely known to be a fertility doctor.

Further, he has also published several researches in leading journals and is an expert reviewer for fertility publications.

He has presented national and international meetings and conferences as well regarding the case of fertility.

Known by the name of Dr. Arnold Myooran Mahesan, he works as a reproductive endocrinologist at the TRIO fertility.

Dr. Mahesan is a graduate of Cornell University and The University of Toronto.

Further, he has trained in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and St. John hospital in Detroit.

In addition, Arnold completed his fellowship in REI at Jones Institute for reproductive medicine in Norfolk, Virginia.

Although his established career as a doctor has made little news, now he has found himself on the media following his marriage to a reality T.V star Roxy Earle.

Arnold Mahesan: Roxy Earle Husband

Arnold Mahesan became the husband of RHOT star Roxy Earle on the 15th of July.

The couple got hitched in front of their family and friends in Ontario, Canada.

Earle, who signed her divorce papers with Raghu Kilambi, found her soul mate in the fertility doctor Arnold Mahesan.

The couple has not disclosed their dating history as of now but, Earle had given a preview of their relationship on her Instagram when they were engaged.

Earle is a well-known reality T.V star plus she is also an entrepreneur and business executive.

The newly-married couple works together in the business world as well, as they are the founders of ‘The Ana App.’

Arnold Mahesan Age: How Old Is He?

Arnold Mahesan’s age is from 40-45 years old.

However, the given age is based on the assumption of his appearance.

With his date of birth not being revealed to date, his zodiac sign could not be known as well.

Meanwhile, his wife, Roxy Earle, is 37 years old and hails the zodiac sign of Leo.

Likewise, the couple looks perfect when clicked together.

What Is Arnold Mahesan Net Worth?

The net worth of Arnold Mahesan has not been calculated to date.

However, he has an impeccable career as a fertility doctor and has worked in the field for several years.

Regardless, Dr. Mahesan is believed to earn a handsome amount in his career.

In the meantime, his wife Roxy has a collective net worth calculated at $15 million.

Arnold Mahesan Wedding Photos

Arnold Mahesan’s wedding photos can be found on the Instagram account of his wife, Roxy Earle.

Although he has managed to keep their relationship and marriage details private, RHOT star Earle has given the treat to her fans and followers with their wedding photos.