Who Is Austin Narewski From TikTok? Sister Age and Instagram Bio

Who Is Austin Narewski From TikTok? Sister Age and Instagram Bio

Austin Narewski aka Austin.13 or sometimes called Austin Murawski is a content creator who got fame for his TikTok records.

However, that’s not the only reason he has turned out to be a newsworthy man. If you want to explore the whole story, keep scrolling. 

There’s a lot more interesting to know about this young internet flame, and our article will not disappoint you at all.

Quick Facts: Who Is Austin Narewski From TikTok? Sister Age and Instagram Bio
Name Austin Narewski
Age 15-20
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession TikTok Celebrity
Married/Single Dating (Payge Walker)
Instagram @awstin_13
Tiktok @awstin13

Who Is Austin From TikTok? 

Austin Narewski, aka Austin Makowski aka Austin Murawski from TikTok, is a teenage boy who makes short and entertaining videos on TikTok. You can find him on TikTok at @Awstin.13.

Talking about Austin’s age, he might be around 15-20 years old. Most of the details regarding his bio aren’t available on the internet.


#duet with @carter.gallo

♬ original sound – Carter Gallo

As we all know, TikTok is currently one of the vast platforms for teenagers to showcase their talent.

And, among them, Austin Murawski got the limelight because his content is unique. However, his account might get deleted because of a conflict, which we will discuss in the below sections.

Did Austin Narewski Assault His Sister? 

TikTok creator Austin Narewski was accused of assaulting fellow TikTok videos creator sister. Her identity is unknown. Sources say Austin assaulted her when she was just 9. 

So what happened to Austin Marowski after that? Did he get charged?

The news became highlighted after Austin shared a clip defending himself. 

However, TikTok followers and social media users blame him for the whole incident. Plus, his Instagram account has also been taken down. And, his TikTok account is on the point of getting suspended.

Is Austin Narewski On Instagram?

As mentioned above, Austin Narewski’s Instagram account has been deleted. As a matter of fact, he had thousands of followers on his Instagram account under the name Awstin.13 (Austin Marowski).

After deleting his official account, Austin hasn’t yet created a new one until the date. Talking about TikTok, he has more than three hundred followers and has amassed over 10 million likes on his videos.