Who Is Australian Businessman Hugo Jacobs And Why Is He Arrested?

Who Is Australian Businessman Hugo Jacobs And Why Is He Arrested?

Australian drug dealer-businessman Hugo Jacobs has been arrested while trying to leave the country. Keep reading to explore Hugo’s Wikipedia bio.

Hashem Ibrahim, who changed his name to Hugo Jacobs, is an Australian criminal businessman who was wanted for murder in 2011.

After the raid that found $7 million under a concrete floor in Hugo’s residence, he was being widely looked over. Hence, he was found in an airport trying to leave Australia and go to Dubai. 

He has a huge history and his current cash discovery is not the only reason for his arrest. Hence, a lot of people are very eager to know more regarding him and his case. 

Hugo Jacobs Wikipedia

Hugo Jacobs is not on Wikipedia, but there are other sources that provide information regarding him. 

Hence, we have managed to extract some details regarding him. As mentioned, his real name is Hashem Ibrahim and he changed his name for staying in Australia. 

Hugo was responsible for the murder of a man named Todd O’Connor. Not just a homicide, but he killed him in execution. 

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Hugo took Todd to an isolated street and executed him for issues over drug money. 

Hugo Jacobs Age

The criminal businessman Hugo Jacobs’ age is 39 years old. 

However, his exact date of birth or birthday has not been revealed yet. Based on the above-given article by SMH, his age has been mentioned. 

Hugo Jacobs Net Worth

There is no exact information about Hugo Jacobs’s net worth. 

However, looking over the fact that $7 million in cash was found in his residence. And, as Hugo is a drug dealer, he must have an amazingly huge net worth. 

Who Is Hugo Jacobs Wife?

Hugo Jacobs was previously married to his ex-wife Lee Ibrahim. 

They separated and still, there are several cases regarding their separation, Some claim that her behavior led to the separation whereas some claim that Hugo’s activities led to the separation. 

However, both of them have pleaded not guilty for what they have been accused of. 

Why Is Hugo Jacobs Arrested?

Hugo Jacobs was arrested for the illegal storing of cash and also for the charges of his previous case of murder. 

As mentioned, he killed the underworld personality Todd O’Connor and current was found hiding 7 million in cash on the concrete floor in his residence. 

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