Who Is BBC Reporter Phil McCann? His Joke On Petrol Shortage Coverage Goes Viral

Who Is BBC Reporter Phil McCann? His Joke On Petrol Shortage Coverage Goes Viral

Phil McCann is a BBC reporter who has made jokes about the petrol shortage and people are now willing to know about his Wikipedia.

Phil McCann is a BBC reporter and journalist. 

He is currently living in the UK in his hometown of Cheshire and with his excellent journalism, he has gained many awards. 

Twitter users have pointed out the “amazing” moment BBC journalist Phil McCann reported on the petrol scarcity, in what some are calling another case of “nominative determinism.”

Who Is BBC Reporter Phil McCann? Wikipedia And Age

Phil McCann is a young and dynamic reporter. 

He is currently working in the BBC with his age still being a mystery for most people around the world. 

He has provided lots of details on his social media revealed that he is a reporter for his home county of Cheshire. 

Phil has also worked for the Politics NW, Radios Manchester, Merseyside & Stoke. 

Phil completed his university at the University of Central Lancashire in PFGip of Broadcast Journalism. 

He has also done a BA in history from The University of Hull. 

Phil started his journalism career as a broadcast journalist and is not one of the best reporters in the BBC Cheshire. 

Who Are Phil McCann Parents? His Family Explored

As of now, there are no reporters about Phil’s parents. 

Being a journalist means to hide as many personal details as you can hide, and Phil is no different. 

He has never talked about his parents on online media and is also a man with very little background information. 

Though Phil has mentioned his parents and the works but never has in details. 

We do know that they are also another resident of the Cheshire and are living there for a very long time. 

Who Is Phil McCann Wife? Is He Married? 

As of now, there are no reports of Phil’s marriage life and the same goes for his wife. 

He is believed to be neutral and unmarried. 

Though it is not being confirmed yet about his married, he is expected to be single. 

Phil has dedicated his life to journalism and being a great guy, he must have a girlfriend. 

But as of now, Phil has a very private life, with not much social media engagement. 

He likes to keep his professional life date on his Twitter account, but his personal life about his family and wife is yet to be revealed.