Who Is Bitsy Brennan From UBS Financial Services? Racist Assault On Johnny Martinez From Tennessee

Who Is Bitsy Brennan From UBS Financial Services? Racist Assault On Johnny Martinez From Tennessee

The incident of Bitsy Brennan and her son showing racist behavior to a parking permit auditor of African-American ethnicity is being explored by almost everyone over the internet.

The incident led to the Nashville Apartment Complex’s parking lot, where Johnny Martinez worked. It then happens that the mother and son with fair complexion approached him with suspicion.

Although it was none of their business, they asked him questions regarding his presence in the complex. Although he informed them of his goal of checking car permits in River House apartments, they bothered him continuously.  

It became intolerable for Johnny when the son spoke about his skin color and yelled at him to get out of the apartment, although Martinez was there with legal permission.

Who Is Bitsy Brennan From UBS Financial Services? 

Bitsy Brennan is a member of UBS Finacial Services, one of the global companies providing financial services in several countries. She works as a team administrator for Mazur Keller Wealth Management group.

It is pretty surprising that the graduate of National Cathedral School and degree holder B.S. in Frech and English major from the University of Alabama performed inhuman acts. 

Being involved in the 40cean Movement for helping the global environment and having a secured career at UBS for 20 years does not lead her to excuse her racist act.

Racist Assault On Johnny Martinez From Tennessee

On the 27th of November, Johnny Martinez was allegedly assaulted for his skin color by Bitsy Brennan and her son Edward Brennan. The son physically assaulted him.

On the other hand, the mental assault that he faced for being eyed as a criminal is inescapable. Despite hanging an id card on his neck, he met inhuman behavior for not having bright skin color.

Bitsy Brennan Son Edward Brennan

Bitsy Brennan’s son Edward Brennan was the first person to attack Johnny. The guy around 6 feet tall and heavy body weight stood beside his mother during the entire scene. 

He used dirty words and strictly mentioned “black” for Johnny, which got captured in the video that Johnny was shooting. They went upwards without waiting for the cops to come.

Likewise, his mother, being in the financial administrator position, was pretty sure about her son not being arrested. 

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