Who Is Brandi Marshall On ‘Selling Sunset’? Meet Her On Instagram

Who Is Brandi Marshall  On ‘Selling Sunset’? Meet Her On Instagram

Luxury realtor Brandi Marshall came under the spotlight after getting cast in the Netflix reality show Selling Sunsets.

Brandi Marshall is on the cast for the luxury real estate reality show Selling Sunset.

After the premiere of its first season in 2019, the audience has only grown.

Producer Adam DiVello, behind the show, recalled the confidence he had in the all-female ensemble.

Indeed, he made the right choice, as the series is back for its fourth season.

Selling Sunset: Brandi Marshall Age And Wekiepda- Where Is She From?

Brandi Marshall is a realtor on the cast for the fourth season of Selling Sunset. She is from her hometown in Orange County, California. 

Her childhood and upbringing are mysterious. But she is the force to be reckoned with.

Her passion for real estate and expertise in the field has made her a favorite of the South Californian property investors.

A little-known fact about her is that she is an ALS foundation contributor and donates funds for Autism research.

Does Brandi Marshal Have A Husband? 

Brandi Marshall is married to her husband of many years, Sean Marshall.

Like Brandi, he is also a realtor. He was a pro athlete but has been retired for 13 years.

The couple is in love and wants the world to know. They often share lovey-dovey posts and are out on vacations together.

The pair is parents to two beautiful children. It’s evident that they love their children very much and then take them out to exotic places.

Brandi Marshall Net Worth Explored: What Does She Do?

As of 2021, the net worth of Brandi Marshall is between one million to five million dollars. 

She makes her living as a Luxury Residential Real Estate realtor working for The Oppenheim group.

Their site called her an unstoppable force with over 15-year of work experience. 

Indeed, her communications skills and sharp negations help both the client and the company to reach their end goal.

Before working in the real estate field, she was a public relations executive.

Brandi Marshall On Instagram?

Brandi Marshall Is available on Instagram with the account handle shesbrandimarshall. Here, she has a flowing of 1k people.

The lady is not afraid to show her luxurious lifestyle. She is often seen on night-outs for vacations with her family.

Indeed, she also promotes her works by sharing photos of her clients and the houses she sold.

Moreover, the realtor has the looks of a model and shows it off through her social media.


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