Who Is Burt Wolf First Wife? Everything On His Family And Illness

Who Is Burt Wolf First Wife? Everything On His Family And Illness

The journalist Burt Wolf divorced his first wife after she was suffering from an incurable mental illness and later remarried to Natalia.

Burt Wolf is an American journalist, writer and traveller best known for his TV series Travels and Traditions.

The show has been running for more than 18 seasons and it is through the same series that Wolf has managed to gain popularity and recognition.

It is a show based on exploring different places and their traditions. Burt travels to those paces and shows it to the world.

Sometimes, he also takes his family members along with him on the travel and they also become a part of the series.

In the process, the attention has now slightly shifted towards the marriage life of Wolf after the fans got the idea of his first wife.

Who Is Burt Wolf First Wife?

The journalist Burt Wolf hasn’t revealed the actual name of his first wife but she is said to have had mental problems.

In an article published on the Burtwolf website, Wolf’s talking about his first wife is mentioned.

According to this source, Burt’s first wife had been in the mental hospital for five years at that time.

Since he couldn’t live a normal life without a wife by his side, he persuaded the legislature to pass a law to make grounds for divorce if the person has an incurably insane partner.

Following that, Wolf separated from his wife and got remarried to his current wife Natalia, although the law got revoked the next year of its passing, it reports.

Besides this, no other source has talked about the first wife of Burt.

Thus, we can’t cent per cent guarantee the actual story but it is available on the internet.

Burt Wolf Illness: What Happened To Him?

Burt Wolf once suffered from an illness that he suspected to be a food allergy after had some symptoms while eating his meals on his travel.

Mixed Article further reports that it was not actually the food allergy but a food intolerance which later got treated quickly and he is fit and fine at the moment.

On the other hand, It looks like it is actually his daughter-in-law Mia Wolf’s illness that is getting the talks in the public.

Celebpie has revealed that Mia suffered from breast cancer a couple of years ago and got successfully treated.

However, it got spread to her lungs and liver, later requiring a chemotherapy treatment followed by hospice care.

Burt Wolf Son And Family Details

Burt Wolf once took his youngest son Nicholas on a trip which got a lot of attention among the viewers.

Including him, Wolf has a total of four sons with his wife Natalia Wolf.

Similarly, he also has five grandchildren and has a pretty big family.

What Is Burt Wolf Net Worth?

The traveller Burt Wolf has a decent net worth of around $700 thousand, as per Net Worth Post.

On the other hand, People AI also reports the man to have around $39.9 million in net worth.

While these sources provide no concrete figure, the official sources are yet to confirm his actual net worth value.