Who Is Cadetarchick From TikTok? His Age, Real Name and Instagram

Who Is Cadetarchick From TikTok? His Age, Real Name and Instagram

Cadetarchick from TikTok has recently gone viral after he posted the video of him running into a garage door. Let’s find out.

After taking a brief stroll through his TikTok account, one cannot deny that Cadetarchick is a popular figure on TikTok. 

He has acquired more than 413k followers on the video-sharing app and sustained nearly 18 million likes. 

Cadetarchick is mainly regarded for creating comical videos with original concepts. 

His most recent TikTok video where he filmed himself running into a garage door following his attempt to chug a can of sparkling water without burping earned 1.9 million likes on the platform. 

There is also a second video with a similar concept on his TikTok profile. He fell unceremoniously on the floor after trying to chug sparkling water without burping in one go. 

The lighthearted content of the video is undoubtedly one of the reasons it has gone viral on social media. 


It’s like drinking straight tv static ##fyp ##xyzbca ##follow ##viral

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Who Is Cadetarchick From TikTok?

Cadetarchick is a famous TikTok star who is originally from Georgia, United States. He holds an American nationality.

He is known for creating and sharing comical and entertaining challenge videos on TikTok. 

However, aside from the fact that he is from Georgia, there is hardly any personal information available about him on the media. 

Cadetarchick Age And Height- How Old Is He?

Cadetarchick’s age is probably in his 20s. 

As we don’t have access to his exact date of birth, his actual age could not be speculated. 

Also, we were unable to unearth when he celebrates his birthday. 

Regarding his physical attributes, Cadetarchick probably stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches. His actual height and size are not yet known at the moment. 

What Is Cadetarchick Real Name?

According to his Instagram bio, Cadetarchick’s real name is Cade Tarchick

Nonetheless, it is quite uncertain if it is the stage name he chose for himself or if it is indeed his real name. 

Cadetarchick Instagram

Yes, Cadetarchick is active on Instagram. 

He can be tracked on the platform under the username @cadetarchickk.

He has thus far acquired around 2,377 followers on it.

But, compared to his active involvement on TikTok, he is a passive user on Instagram as he has only but 11 posts on his Insta account. 

Does Cadetarchick Have A Girlfriend?

There is not strong evidence that can prove if Cadetarchick has a girlfriend or not. 

But, he has shared a photo on his Instagram account with a girl named Abby Bryant.

He has captioned the picture with a message that says she makes him crazy. 

Nevertheless, as he has not confirmed the news, it is quite possible that the pair is just close friends and is not dating. 

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