Who Is Calvin Brandl Bozo TikTok? Is The Male Feminist Arrested Under Assault Charges?

Who Is Calvin Brandl Bozo TikTok? Is The Male Feminist Arrested Under Assault Charges?

A male feminist TikTok creator, Calvin Brandl is facing a massive backlash following the surfacing of his sexual assault.

Calvin Brandl Bozo or simply Calvin Brandl is a male TikTok creator who is known for talking about feminism on the platform.

He used to create different videos showing himself as a feminist on the platform and used to upload videos against female violations and discriminations.

But now news has surfaced that the same TikTok creator sexually assaulted a girl when she was unconscious.

This is spreading rapidly in the TikTok community as many people are creating other follow-up videos, addressing Brandl, for raising awareness on the matter.

Similarly, many people on other platforms are also talking about the incident. Here is everything you need to know about the person and the incident.

Who Is Calvin Brandl Bozo TikTok?

Calvin Brandl Bozo is a male feminist TikTok creator who allegedly assaulted an unconscious girl sexually.

He had built an impressive number of followers from his feminism-related TikTok videos until he decided to delete his TikTok account.

Before deleting his TikTok, he uploaded an apologetic video from his account, with more than 260k followers, addressing the incident.

Guessing from his appearance, Calvin seems to be in his 20s and is seemingly a European.

Furthermore, an Instagram account with the same username as Bradl’s TikTok account has been found and is thought to be the same person although it is not confirmed.

Is The Male Feminist Calvin Brandl Bozo Arrested?

No, the TikTok user Calvin Brandl has not been arrested amid the sexual assault allegations.

The person himself talked about assaulting a girl last year but the victim has not yet come to the media or even gone to the police.

People don’t even recognize the victim and the police seemingly haven’t been involved in the case yet.

Hence, the male feminist TikTok creator Brandl is not arrested yet.

Calvin Brandl Bozo Sexual Assault Charges

Calvin Brandl Bozo himself opened up about sexually assaulting a girl when she was unconscious.

Brandl uploaded a TikTok video last year where he said that he molested a drunk girl who was unconscious.

The reason for her being unconscious is thought to be a heated confrontation between the involved people including the fact that the girl was drunk.

Calvin said about assaulting her but there is no footage or proof of that matter.

Regardless, the TikTok user didn’t even seem to regret what he had done after saying it out loud to the people.

Rather than being apologetic, which he was meant to be, he started giving shoutouts to the victim, his products, his friends, and everything.

In the end, he said that TikTok was not good towards him and was leaving the platform.

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