Who Is Carmen Bolden Day? Meet The Mother Of Missing ISU Grad Student Jelani Day

Who Is Carmen Bolden Day? Meet The Mother Of Missing ISU Grad Student Jelani Day

Just around a day after his mother Carmen Bolden Day asked for national urgency, Jelani Day has been confirmed dead as his body was found earlier this month.

Jelani Day was a 25-year-old grad student who went missing on August 25 in Bloomington, Illinois.

Even after several weeks had already passed from his missing date, his mother Carmen Bolden Day believed that not much effort was made on his finding.

Seeing the investigators not taking it with urgency, Jelani’s mother Carmen Bolden Day asked and pleaded for urgency and immediate effect just like the missing case of Gabby Petitio did previously.

She expressed her dissatisfaction and unhappiness with the search for her son which was going without any urgency than that of Gabby.

And now just after around a day of Carmen pleading for urgency on national television, Jelani has been confirmed dead after forensic tests, reports CNN.

Who Is Jelani Day Mother Carmen Bolden Day?

Carmen Bolden Day is the mother of the missing grad student Jelani Day who pleaded for more help just about a day before.

While her professional background is still under the public radar, Carmen came out speaking for her son’s findings and know-how.

As per NBC Chicago, Jelani’s body was found on September 4 but some further DNA and other tests had to be done to confirm the man.

And this was taking quite a long time which made Carmen frustrated.

How Old Is Carmen Bolden Day? Age Revealed

Guessing from her appearance, Carmen Bolden Day’s age is thought to be around 40-50 years old.

She is the mother of a 25-year-old son, so we can guess that she might be in her forties.

However, her actual age and other personal details were not disclosed by the officials and reporters due to privacy reasons.

Likewise, she was not previously covered by the media either.

Carmen Bolden Day Family Details

Discussing her family, Carmen Bolden Day has come out as the leading member whereas other members are still unknown.

To be specific, Carmen as the mother of Jelani day gas come out and spoken to several platforms asking for help.

On the other side, her other family members are not covered by the media.

While the reports contain information about the investigators talking to the while family, their identities were not revealed.

Carmen Bolden Day Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Carmen Bolden Day’s husband is not known to the general public but he is said to have cancer.

While addressing her son’s missing, Carmen also mentioned that her husband has cancer and Jelani was the bone marrow match for his dad, according to ABC7 Chicago.

Nevertheless, she made sure not to reveal her husband’s real name and other details.

Where Is Carmen Bolden Day Now?

Carmen Bolden Day is in Illinois at the current time, maybe mourning her son’s death.

She is based in  Illinois, United States and her son went missing from the same place as well. 

She went to several places asking for help in finding Jelani previously, but now that the boy has been confirmed dead, Carmen might be heartbroken and devastated.