Who Is Charlotte Knapp? Everything To Know About Greg Knapp Wife

Who Is Charlotte Knapp? Everything To Know About Greg Knapp Wife

Greg Knapp’s wife, Charlotte Knapp, is saddened by the death of her husband with whom she has three daughters. Let’s find out more.

Charlotte Knapp was the beloved wife of the late Greg Knapp. He died from his injuries on July 22, 2021, aged 58. Besides, Greg was hit by a car while riding his bicycle.

After that, he was hospitalized, and Charlotte was taking care of him too. When Greg was admitted to the hospital, Charlotte issued a brief statement asking everyone to pray for the recovery of her husband, Greg.

Sadly, Greg Knapp was in critical condition and died on July 22, 2021. Furthermore, Gregg was an American football coach who had served as an assistant coach in the National Football League (NFL) for 25 seasons.

Besides, Greg was associated with numerous teams, including the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, etc.

Who Is Greg Knapp Wife Charlotte Knapp?

Charlotte Knapp was the wife of a renowned American football coach, Greg Knapp.

Besides, there is not much information regarding Charlotte Knapp.

Further, her husband Greg was a Super Bowl-winning assistant coach.

Greg was riding his bike, and he was struck from behind by a motorist.

The incident occurred on Saturday in San Ramon, reported by Charlotte to the People.

Likewise, Charlotte admitted that Greg is one of the most incredible humans she had ever known.

What Is Charlotte Knapp Age?

Regarding Charlotte Knapp’s age, she is probably between 30 to 40 years old.

It is pretty challenging to put on the actual age of Charlotte as she hasn’t disclosed her birthdate in the media.

Also, Charlotte is not available publicly, so we cannot provide every detail of her life.

Furthermore, her husband, Greg, was 58 years old at the time of his death.

Greg was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on March 5, 1963, as Gregory Fishbeck Knapp.

Moreover, Greg and Charlotte were living a blissful life in Danville, California.

Details on Charlotte Knapp Children and Family

Moving onwards, Charlotte Knapp was married to her husband, Greg Knapp.

Together with Greg, she had three daughters named JordanNatalie, and Camille

Knapp was living an elegant life with her family, but Greg got into an accident.

On July 17, 2021, Greg was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in San Ramon, California, and died on July 22, 2021.

The death of Greg saddens charlotte and her whole family.

Also, many people are providing condolences through social media.

How Much Is Charlotte Knapp Net Worth?

Charlotte Knapp must have a net worth of around $500,000.

However, the exact details of her earnings and income are not accessible in the public domain.

Furthermore, her husband, Greg, had an impressive net worth of $2.5 million.