Who Is Chris Habiyakare Aka Lyr1cure7? Young Melbourne Rapper Shot To Death -Details To Know

Who Is Chris Habiyakare Aka Lyr1cure7? Young Melbourne Rapper Shot To Death -Details To Know

Chris Habiyakare aka Lyr1cure7 was a Melbourne who was shot dead after an altercation with a group of masked men at his house on August 24.

Chris Habiyakare was an Australian upcoming rapper and musician. 

He did not write songs until 2012. He wrote a song about his first crush who did not love him back. He wrote a 16 bar verse in less than thirty minutes. 

Some of his songs are Floating, Viral Freestyle, Grind Don’t Lie, Life Is Good, Skillz, and more. 

Rapper: Who Is Chris Habiyakare Aka Lyr1cure7? Wikipedia 

Chris Habiyakare, otherwise known as Lyr1cure7, was an up-and-coming rapper who was on his way to earning a place for himself in the music industry. 

The rapper was of mixed African-Australian heritage. He arrived in Australia in 2007 with his family. He was passionate about rap music and often recorded himself performing music. 

His passion for music also led him to use drugs. He was involved with some wrong groups and got himself expelled from school, reported 9News

Chris often had a run-in with the police, which constantly worried his parents. His father, at one point, believed his son will die due to his drug addiction. 

However, the rapper eventually realized he was going on a dark path and was working on becoming better when he suddenly passed away. 

Chris Habiyakare Was Shot To Death- What Happened?

Chris Habiyakare was shot and killed on August 24, 2021. He was spending time with a few of his friends at his Melbourne home when some men knocked on his door, as per news.com.au.

Chris answered the knock and a confrontation took place between him and the group of masked men. 

The rapper’s friends, two men, and three women fled the house following the altercation. One woman smashed through a window to escape the house.

The group of men was all armed with the police believing they came with the intention to kill Chris. There was a significant amount of cash and drugs present on the crime scene but the men were not concerned with them.

Further, Chris was also involved in another altercation with another group three days prior to his death. At first, the police believed the earlier fight had something to do with his death.

However, the law enforcement now thinks the former fight was used as a cover by the men who actually pulled the trigger.

They have nearly identified two men who the police believe shot Chris at his house. They requested people with any information to come forward and also asked the men involved to come forward and surrender themselves.

The exact nature of the altercation and why Chris was targeted is still a matter of investigation. 

How Old Is Chris Habiyakare? Age Explored

Chris Habiyakare’s age was 24 years old at the time of his death.

He was born in a refugee camp but his precise date of birth is not disclosed currently. 

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