Who Is Christina Adams? Granville Adams Wife -Everything On Her Family And More

Who Is Christina Adams? Granville Adams Wife -Everything On Her Family And More

Christina Adams is the wife of late American actor Granville Adams, and she has very supportive. People are curious about her husband’s death cause.

Disaster struck the Adams Household when Christina’s husband, Granville Adams, died of Cancer. 

The family was struggling finally when the diagnosis hit. Since then, they have set up a GoFundMe page to pay the bills.

Who Is Christina Adams? Wife Of Granville Adams

Christina Adams was the wife of Granville Adams. Granville was an actor best know for his portrayal of Zahir Arif on the HBO series Oz. The actor was also well known for his work on Homicide as officer Jeff Westby.

We are unsure when the couple got married as Christina is not on any social platforms.

Instead, you can meet Granville Adams on his Instagram handle granveezy and be a part of his 1.8k followers. Here he loved to post photos of nature and his green backyard.

The actor never posted pictures of his wife. Christina enjoys her privacy and has never shown her face to the public.

What Is Christina Adams Net Worth? 

The net worth of Christina Adams is still under review. She earns her beard by being a commenter and an author. 

Keeping in mind these ventures, we are sure her net worth must be in the millions.

On the other hand, her late husband Granville had a net worth between 1 million to 5 million dollars. 

After his death, his monetary assets were transferred to his lawfully wedded wife, Christina.

Does Christina Adams Have Family? 

Christina Adams is a mysterious being. Her family and siblings are hidden from the internet. 

Her only families that we know of are her husband and dog.

If she were to share news about her family, we are sure to update the article.

How Did Granville Adams Die?

Christina Adam’s husband, Granville Adams, died at the early age of 58. Reports say that he died from Cancer.

His fans did not know of his condition until December. They found out the news when he posted an Instagram with the caption **** Cancer.

As the treatment for the disease comes with a hefty price tag, his family set up a GoFundMe page. They said that the actor had an unpaid bill of 69 thousand dollars. 

The family humbly asked for support to pay his quarter bills.

His co-stars and show executives went and donated their share and encouraged others to ease their financial stress.

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