Who Is Christopher Collins Houston? Charged With Murder Of His Wife Yuan Hua Liang -Details To Know

Who Is Christopher Collins Houston? Charged With Murder Of His Wife Yuan Hua Liang -Details To Know

Who Is Christopher Collins From Houston? Here is everything you need to know about the man who killed his wife for an insurance payment of $250,00- which they had started just 2 days ahead. 

Recently, a woman was found dead in her house in Houston Texas and the only would on her body was a gunshot exactly at her head. 

Initially thought of as a deed of an intruder, the case changed because nothing was taken away from the house and the only loss was of her life. 

She was a married woman and she was married to her husband Christopher Collins and they were living together in that house for 8 years. 

When investigations started going on and more searches took place, the dots connected to make it clear that she was killed by her own husband. 

And, what makes it clear is the fact that they just signed for a $250,000 insurance for her and she passed away just 2 days after it. 

Moreover, concerns regarding his arrest, the whole incident, public opinion, testimonies, and related matters are at their peak on the web. 

Who Is Christopher Collins From Houston? 

Christopher Collins is an American man who was a former military veteran. 

He is now retired and after his retirement, he had been living in Houston, Texas, for quite some time, 8 years actually. 

He was a married man who was living with his wife, but there are still no details about any of his children. 

Indeed, he surely did not have a child because of all the discussions of his case recently. there is nothing about a possible child. 

Well, we do know that he served in the US military, but there are no details of what position he had or what he exactly did in those years. 

What people know now and are absolute is the fact that he is a convicted felon who killed his own wife. 

Christopher Collins Arrested And Charged With Murder Of His Wife Yuan Hua Liang

Christopher Collins was married to his wife Yuan Hua Liang for many years. 

However, Yuan is no more and the person who should have been most affected by this news was the very person who led to her death. 

Talking specifically, as mentioned earlier, Christopher and Yuan had just signed for life insurance which is worth $250,000. And just 2 days after this, Yuan died. 

When investigated, it was revealed that Christopher shot his wife to death and it is surely for getting the insurance money. 

Things were not this clear in terms of evidence, but when the police found a gun in Christopher’s possession with the same bullet that killed Yuan, things got crystal clear. 

He was then arrested, and is not in police custody, and is set at a bail of $150,000, and still is in jail. 

He was set to be in his first court appearance but he said he had mental health issues and the date was postponed. 

Christopher Collins Age: How Old Is The man?

The age of the convicted felon Christopher Collins is 41 years old. 

Well, his exact date of birth is not revealed yet, but as per what we see in different official sources and platforms, he is 41 years old now. 

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Last Modified: November 28, 2021

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