Who Is Claire Froggatt? Meet Paul Scholes’ Wife On Instagram

Who Is Claire Froggatt? Meet Paul Scholes’ Wife On Instagram

Football coach Paul Scholes and his wife Claire Froggatt were in the news a few months ago for reportedly living separately. Is there trouble in paradise?

Claire Froggatt is known as the wife of former Manchester United football player Paul Scholes. 

Scholes scored more than 150 goals and played over 700 games during his playing career between 1993 and 2013.

Regarded as one of the greatest Manchester United players, he retired from his professional career to spend more time with his family. 

However, as per The Sun, it is believed Scholes and his wife Claire Froggatt have separated and are in living in separate homes. 

What happened and are they getting a divorce? 

Who Is Paul Scholes Wife Claire Froggatt? 

Paul Scholes and his wife Claire Froggatt tied the knot in February 1999 in a private wedding ceremony. 

Froggatt and Scholes were only 18 years old when they met for the first time. Their first encounter was in his local pub. 

They fell in love and dated for six years before walking down the aisle. They are parents to three children: daughter Alicia Scholes and two sons named Aiden Scholes and Arron Scholes. 

The pair raised their children at their house in Saddleworth, Greater Manchester. Further, the pair have been married for 21 years. 

Ms. Froggatt has always stood beside her husband at all times so the viewers were shocked when the news of their alleged separation hit the media. 

Legit reported Froggatt moved out of their house and shifted into a new house 20 minutes away from her former resident. 

The rumors started spreading after she was spotted without her wedding ring. The website also stated that both Scholes and Froggatt are devastated by the separation. 

However, the exact reason for their conflict is unclear as of now. So far, there has been no divorce news so it remains uncertain if the separation is permanent or temporary. 

How Old Is Claire Froggatt? Age Explored

Claire Froggatt’s age is 45 years old. 

She was born in the year 1974, however, her precise date of birth is not known.

Her husband, Scholes was born on 16 November 1974 in Salford, Greater Manchester. He is 46 years old. 

Meet Claire Froggatt Daughter Alicia Scholes On Instagram

Claire Froggatt’s daughter, Alicia Scholes has grown up beautifully and is active on Instagram under the username @alicia.scholesx

Alicia has collected more than 64.5K followers. Her social media posts show her as a fitness enthusiast.  

Ms. Froggatt, on the other hand, is not active on any social media platforms. 

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