Who Is Dancer Natalia Pronina? Everything On Her Instagram, Age and Wikipedia

Who Is Dancer Natalia Pronina? Everything On Her Instagram, Age and Wikipedia

Natalia Pronina was a Russian dancer. She is known to be the winner of several international dancing competitions including Britain.

With the information of Russian dancer Natalia Pronina shot to death by a masked assassin on the news, viewers have been wondering why was she killed? Keep on reading to find out the reason and more details regarding the dancer.

Quick Facts:

Name Natalia Pronina
Birthday 1990
Age 30 (Deceased)
Gender Female
Nationality Russian
Profession Dancer
Married/Single Boyfriend (Alexander Kravchenko)
Instagram @natalynats

10 Facts About Natalia Pronina

  1. Natalia Pronina was pretty active on social media. She had an Instagram account with a total of 5,816 followers.
  2. While we don’t know the exact birth date of Natalia Pronina, we do know that she was born in the year 1990. The dancer passed away at the age of thirty.
  3. Although Natalia Pronina did make a name of herself from all her performances, she is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.
  4. Talking about her relationship status, the late dancer had a boyfriend named Alexander Kravchenko. Her boyfriend was three years older than Natalia.
  5. As Natalia had kept most of her personal details to herself, she had yet to reveal information regarding her family. So, we are still to know if she has any brothers or sisters.
  6. While returning home on December 23, 2020, the dancer was shot by a masked assassin. The video of the unfortunate incident was captured by the CCTV camera on the street of Moscow.
  7. Speculations of Natalia being involved with famous politicians have also come to the news. It is said that a politician’s wife had ordered the shooting.
  8. Being a nightclub performer, Natalia had several admirers who clung to her. Some of her close friends also suspected that the killer must be one of those admirers.
  9. Following the shooting, Pronina was rushed to the hospital. But unfortunately, the dancer was pronounced dead two hours later.
  10. The police are yet to identify a suspect in the shooting case.

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