Who Is David Selby? Meet The English Snooker Player Mark Selby’s Dad/ Father

Who Is David Selby? Meet The English Snooker Player Mark Selby’s Dad/ Father

Who Is David Selby? Well, he is the father of famous snooker player Mark Selby, and he has a very impressive net worth.

Mark Selby is one of the most well-known snooker players globally. Along with this, he has four World Championship titles to his credit.

The snooker champion has won a total of 20 ranking titles. These accolades put him in the ninth position in the ranking of all-time tournament champions.

However, he has supported Leicester City F.C. since he was a toddler. But he won his second world title two years later, only 13 minutes after the squad won their first Premier League title.

In 2002 and 2003, Mark advanced to the last round of qualification for the World Snooker Championships. He began competing as an amateur two months after Perkins and persuaded him to as well.

He enjoyed playing snooker and realized he was getting better every tournament. Ins addition, he joined the professional tour at the age of 16 in the year 1999.

Who Is David Selby? Mark Selby Father

Mark Selby was born to his father, David Selby, and Shirley Selby’s mother. As per the reports, he did not have any money and lived on a council estate.

Including Mark, he also has one son who had a comparatively tough childhood. But unfortunately, his father died when he was just 16 years old due to cancer. 

There is no further information about him that will describe his profession or anything.

Who Is David Selby Wife? 

David Selby was married to his wife Shirley Selby, but unfortunately, both couples had divorced after some years of their marriage. His partner left him and his family home; he hasn’t spoken to her since then.

Together they have two wonderful children. Hee was evicted from the municipal flat and left without any mone when talking about his younger childy.

It is clear that both the children were having a tough childhood, but the pressure makes a diamond, and it was similar in this case.

Mark started sharing an apartment with Alan Perkins whereas, he was a family friend and snooker friend. He pushed him to focus on snooker and told him that David, his father, would have wanted him to do so.

David Selby Net Worth: How Rich He Was?

David Selby was the father of a famous and successful snooker player, so his net worth must be impressive. So moving into his son Mark’s net worth, he must earn around 12 million dollars.

Besides this, he has won more than $ 6.8 million in tournament prizes alone, and on the other hand, he is the tenth richest all-time snooker player globally.

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