Who Is Ebiowei Porbeni? Healthcare Influencer Ebi NurseLifeRN aka Ebi Eats Passed Away From Leukemia

Who Is Ebiowei Porbeni? Healthcare Influencer Ebi NurseLifeRN aka Ebi Eats Passed Away From Leukemia

Twitter is mourning the loss of nurse and influencer Ebiowei Porbeni who passed away this week at an early age. 

Ebiowei Porbeni was a popular social media influencer and a nurse. He’s known as Ebi Eats or NurseLifeRN online. 

He owns the media company, Nurselifern, which specializes in Nurse recruitments and social media marketing. 

Ebi was known for his quick wit and humor. He provided a community for nurses everywhere to discuss various topics in the healthcare system and encouraged them.

His loss is felt by the whole nursing and medical community. 

What Was Ebiowei Porbeni Age? Wiki Bio

Ebiowei Porbeni’s age was probably in his early 30s. However, his real age remains anonymous at the moment. 

The celebrity nurse was born in Nigeria but moved to Chicago at the age of 9. Later, he attended Malone University. 

He was working as an ICU nurse at the University of California in Los Angeles. Aside from his nursing career, Ebi also ventured into podcasts. 

He created a podcast called Nurse Speak where he talked about the ups and downs of working as a nurse. 

What Is Ebi NurseLifeRN aka Ebi Eats Cause Of Death?

Ebi NurseLifeRN aka Ebi Eats died due to cancer.

He was diagnosed with Leukemia back in September 2019. He announced the news on his Instagram handle and shared his experience of going through chemotherapy and other treatments. 

In addition, Ebi Eats created a GoFundMe page to raise funding for his medical care. So far, GoFundMe has raised $254,058. 

He passed away on July 22, 2021, less than a year after he was first diagnosed with cancer. Ebi’s social media coordinator Emily confirmed the news of his death on Instagram. 

Ebiowei Porbeni Wife & Family- Was He Married?

Any details regarding Ebiowei Porbeni’s wife and family are not shared on social media. 

It’s uncertain if the social media influencer was even married prior to his death. Simultaneously, there is no news about his parents or siblings on the internet. 

However, he passed away in the presence of his family and friends.

Ebiowei Porbeni On Instagram As @NurseLifeRN 

Ebiowei Porbeni was active on Instgaram under the username @NurseLifeRN.

The account had more than 1.2 million subscribers. The Instagram page was famous for hilarious memes and stories about his life as a nurse. 

Ebi’s personal account is available as @ebi_eats, where he has over 171,000 followers. However, both of his Instagram accounts are turned private after his death. 

The influencer is also active on Twitter under the same usernames.