Is EDP445 In Jail? Details To Know About His Arrest And Charges

Is EDP445 In Jail? Details To Know About His Arrest And Charges

EDP445 is a former YouTuber and content creator who went from being famous to infamous over the years.

EDP445 or Bryant Moreland was one of the biggest names in the YouTube scene until last year. One mistake of his turned everything upside down for the content creator. The immense love vanished in no time and he was suddenly discarded by almost everybody. 

He was arrested after he was found with 4k on his way to getting a cupcake. This is what they say the beginning to an end. It seems like nothing could change his fate and his career was over.

Who Is EDP445?

EDP445 was the center of the YouTube community in the mid-2020. He started uploading videos in 2010 when he was only 19 years old. His years of determination and hard work had finally paid off. 

The YouTuber is known for his rant videos which were kind of inappropriate. He was ruling the platform on the grounds of love and support by the people only. As for YouTube, it also refused to give him the golden play button saying that his channel was ineligible to be awarded the button, despite the absence of any community guidelines strike or copyright claims.

EDP also put his hand on cooking and gaming before his channel got permanently deleted after his arrest in mid-2021.

Is EDP445 Arrested And In Jail?

EDP445 has already been out of jail after being arrested for carrying a 4K on his way to the cupcake store. A series of legal battles started after the incident but the most important thing was his downfall. 

People who were his biggest supporters turned their faces against him. His own followers said that his troubles and arrest were justified. 

The former content creator made his comeback from Facebook, only to get banned once again, the same story got repeated on Instagram and TikTok. He still did not give up and promised his own website which never got launched.

It is said that he has been getting fired for all his jobs as well. Once a successful man is now helpless due to his one mistake.

EDP455 Age And Weight

EDP455’s age is 30 years old as of 2021 and his weight is assumed to be over 100kgs. He was always bulky but netizens say that the Former content creator gained weight post his legal drama.

He was born on 15th December 1990 and is of American nationality.

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Last Modified: January 18, 2022

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