Who Is Elizabeth Ragsdale? Simon Monjack Wife Or Former Fiancée -Details To Know

Who Is Elizabeth Ragsdale? Simon Monjack Wife Or Former Fiancée -Details To Know

Elizabeth Ragsdale made headlines when she appeared in the Brittany Murphy Documentary. Let’s know more about her former fiancée Simon Monjack.

Elizabeth Ragsdale appeared in the HBO MAX’s documentary, What Happened, Brittany Murphy?.

Brittnay was a darling of 2000. Her death caused a public outcry. Investigation showed that she died of pneumonia, iron deficiency, and drugs. 

The 32-year-old actress was found dead in her bathtub.

Simon was the prime suspect. But there was no evidence against him.

After 12 years of her death, Simon died of similar causes.

Who Is Elizabeth Ragsdale? Simon Monjack Wife Or Former Fiancée

Elizabeth Ragsdale is the former fiencee of Simon Monjack. Simon has been targeted by news outlets for his previous marriage with actress Brittany Murphy.

40-year-old Simon was a director from Buckinghamshire. He was famously known for his work on Factory Girl and Nine Lives.

The director and Murphy met in 2006 and quickly got married.

According to news outlets, Elizabeth was one of his finances before he met Brittny.

Monjack was married twice. His first wife was Simone Bienne. The British therapist stayed with him for five months before calling it quits.

Bienne managed to snag alimony of 63,000 dollars after their divorce in 2007.

Elizabeth Ragsdale Wikipedia -How Did She Die?

No, Elizabeth Ragsdaleis not dead. As she is not a celebrity, she does not have a Wikipedia page.

Elizabeth came under the spotlight when she spoke in the Brittan Murphy documentary.

There, she detailed her experience with her ex-fiancee, Simon. The couple got engaged after dating briefly.

Things went downhill when Ragsdale admitted she was pregnant. A panicked Simon insisted she gave birth in the states and even paid for her plane ticket.

But when she arrived at her hotel room, she was abandoned. That was the last time she heard from home.

The bad experience from her former lover will forever be imprinted on her mind.

How Old Was Elizabeth Ragsdale? Photo Revealed

The age of Elizabeth Ragsdale is mysterious. As she is a private person, details of life are hazy. We assume her to be in her late 30s. 

Similarly, her parents and upbringing are also kept hidden. As her former fiancee has died, she further wishes to hide her identity.

Besides, being hounded day and knight for information is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

Similarly, there are no pictures of hers on the internet.