Who Is Elle Neumann? Everything To Know About Adam Neumann Daughter

Who Is Elle Neumann? Everything To Know About Adam Neumann Daughter

Former billionaire businessman Adam Neumann’s daughter Elle Neuman is gaining popularity at a very young age. Here are some details about Elle.

Elle Neuman is the baby daughter of the famous Israeli businessman Adam Neuman and American entrepreneur-businesswoman Rebekah Neumann. 

Elle, despite being a family member of a rich business family, has kept herself anonymous. And, neither have any of her parents given details regarding their daughter. 

She has been trending after her father lost billions from WeWork in a year along with its ownership. 

Quick Facts:

Name Elle Neumann
Age 5-10
Gender Female
Nationality Israeli
Parents Adam Neumann, Rebekah Neumann

Elle Neumann Age 

Elle Neumann’s age appears to be somewhere around 5 to 10 years.

Since she joined pre-school 4 years ago, she should lie within that age range. 

However, her exact date of birth and birthday is not revealed yet. Her parents Adam and Rebekah are not much into exposing their children on the media and news. 

Elle Neumann Husband And Net Worth

Elle Neumann does not have a husband as she is still a minor who is probably not even a teenager. So, she is not married. 

Moreover, she is not past working age, so her net worth is not calculated for now.

However, she is living with her parents who are providing enough for her and her siblings. 

Who Is Elle Neuman? 

Elle Neumann is one of the children of Adam Neumann and his wife Rebekah Neumann. 

Adam and Rebekah were married to each other in the year 2008, and they gave birth to their first baby Elle. It is not revealed how many children they have as of now. 

However, it is sure that they definitely have more than just Elle. According to Bustle, Elle just started her pre-school in the year 2017. 

Elle’s father Adam was once a billionaire, who due to several complications and losses, is no longer a billionaire. 

He was the co-founder and CEO of the company WeWork, which is a big real state company providing workspaces to technological start-ups. 

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